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Astonish Reconstruction

NM Astonish Reconstruction

Enhance SPECT resolution

NM Astonish Reconstruction is an advanced reconstruction option that uses a matched dual filtering technique to minimize noise and improve reconstructed image resolution and uniformity.

astonish reconstruction thumbnail


  • Enables half-time cardiac SPECT imaging using supported Philips systems for improved workflow efficiency while maintaining image quality.
  • By improving signal-to-noise ratio, it can provide equivalent image quality which may shorten SPECT scan times to achieve increased throughput, enhanced patient comfort, and reduced motion-induced artifacts.
  • NM Astonish Reconstruction is compatible with the following Philips cameras only: CardioMD (acquisition software v2.x), Forte, BrightView, BrightView X,BrightView XCT, SkyLight, and Precedence.
  • Can be applied to SPECT studies using Tc-99m, TI-201, In-111, Ga-67, I-123, or I-131 and used for most Molecular Imaging procedures.
  • A CT attenuation map can be used in conjunction with NM Astonish Reconstruction to provide attenuation correction.

Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite 2017

NM Cedars Sinai Cardiac Suite 2017*

Advanced cardiac quantification

Provides comprehensive cardiac quantification tools for gated, perfusion, and blood pool SPECT and quantitative PET. The Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite 2017 application provides efficient workflow for study interpretation with integration of perfusion and function.

cedars sinai cardiac suite 2015 thumbnail


  • Automated RV contouring, quantification and analysis.
  • Manual perfusion polar map defect editor.
  • User customizable viewing layouts.
  • Enhanced Phase Analysis algorithm, Smart Launch, color pallet editor.
  • QGS, QPS, QBP analysis.
  • QPET analysis.

* Not available for sale in all countries. Please check for availability in specific countries.

Corridor4DM 2018

NM Corridor4DM 2018*

SPECT and PET cardiovascular quantification, review, and reporting

Designed for advanced cardiovascular quantification and image display, and includes intelligent workflow and quality assurance measures for increased confidence. Quantifies myocardial perfusion, function, and viability using multiple review screens, with integrated reporting through customizable templates.

corridor thumbnail


  • Quantifies, displays, and provides reporting for SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion and function, PET FDG metabolism, and SPECT blood pool studies in a single, configurable application.
  • Provides tools to generate and review DICOM static and multi-frame secondary screen captures.
  • Configurable for different workflows, protocols, and preferences.
  • LV surface estimation and quantification.

* Corridor4DM is a registered trademark of Invia, LLC.

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) HeartFusion

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) HeartFusion*

Evaluate fused coronary anatomy

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) HeartFusion offers fusion of a patient’s coronary tree from cardiac CT angiography with MI perfusion images.

ectb heartfusion thumbnail


  • Helps correlate stenosis with perfusion defects and identify muscle mass at risk.

*Emory Cardiac Toolbox, ECTb, HeartFusion, and SyncTool are registered trademarks of Emory University.

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) SyncTool

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) SyncTool*

Assess cardiac mechanic dyssynchrony

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) SyncTool provides an objective evaluation of left ventricular (LV) dyssynchrony using phase analysis.

ectb synctool thumbnail


  • Provides additional prognostic information that can be obtained from 3D perfusion images, such as the presence and location of scar tissue.
  • Review screen includes phase polar maps, phase histograms, and a summary of systolic wall thickening analysis including peak phase and standard deviation of the phase distribution.

*Emory Cardiac Toolbox, ECTb, HeartFusion, and SyncTool are registered trademarks of Emory University.

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) v4.2

Emory Cardiac Toolbox (ECTb) v4.2*

Cardiac analysis

Provides advanced tools for cardiac SPECT and PET analysis, including comparison of perfusion to viability data, display of 3D images with coronary overlays and gated 3D cine, normal limits for agent match/mismatch as well as optional phase analysis for wall

motion and evaluation of thickening.

ectb v4.1 thumbnail


  • Automated structured reporting dedicated to Nuclear Cardiology.
  • Trans-axial reorientation.
  • ECTb4-FlowToolV2 for PET Myocardial Blood Flow quantification.
  • Systolic and Diastolic Dyssynchrony analysis.

*Emory Cardiac Toolbox, ECTb, HeartFusion, and SyncTool are registered trademarks of Emory University.

JETPack Application Suite

NM JETPack Application Suite

Generate new clinical insights

NM JETPack Application Suite for general MI includes a complementary set of organ-specific applications to meet the current and  evolving needs of MI users, including endocrine, gastric, hepatobiliary, lung, neuro, renal, and whole-body and bone applications.

hi av category update april nm nm jetpack


  • Allows calculation of regional cerebral blood flow, brain perfusion index, dopamine transport, liver perfusion, micturition, and gastro-esophageal reflux.
  • An optional IDL developers’ kit is available for development of applications.

Mirada NM Viewer: Mirada XD 3.6

Mirada NM Viewer: Mirada XD 3.6*

Enhanced user experience for NM reading with a leading NM viewing solution

A comprehensive NM solution, designed to enhance productivity of PET/CT and NM reading. It offers a solution for handling multiple studies requiring rigorous quantification of MV data**.

mirada viewer thumbnail
mirada viewer thumbnail 2


  • Quick and configurable protocols for efficient reading.
  • Lesion tracking and treatment response.
  • Exportable tables and graphs.
  • PET\CT and PET\CT\MR registration.

* Mirada is a registered trademark of Mirada inc.
** Please contact local Philips representative for details on multivendor coverage.

NeuroQ 3.75

NM NeuroQ 3.75*

Aiding in the differential diagnosis of dementia

The NM NeuroQ 3.75 application is designed to help clinicians perform a quantitative analysis of FDG-PET brain scans. The application compares the regional brain activity in an individual scan to activity values derived from a group of asymptomatic control subjects. It analyzes the distribution of FDG-PET in individual scans, as sometimes it’s hard to detect differences between two PET scans on the same patient taken at different points in time.

NeuroQ 3.75 thumbnail


  • 3D surface projections display.
  • Ability to write out comparison values to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Automated analysis and powerful tool to assist clinicians with interpretations of brain PET scans.
  • Helps clinicians to detect clinically meaningful abnormalities of regional brain metabolism.
  • NeuroQ brain SPECT analysis option (HMPAO normal database).

*NeuroQ is a trademark of Syntermed.

NeuroQ Amyloid

NM NeuroQ Amyloid*

Assessing Amyloid plaque

The NM NeuroQ Amyloid analysis tool is designed to help clinicians to assess the presence or absence of Amyloid plaque in the brain. Provides quantitative analysis tools for Brain PET scans using NeuraCeq or Amyvid agents.

neuroq amyloid thumbnail


  • NeuraCeq database (Piramal).
  • Quantitative analysis of amyloid uptake levels in the brain.
  • Designed to support confidence in the diagnosis and alter treatment plan.

*NeuroQ is a trademark of Syntermed.

Processing Application Suite

NM Processing Application Suite

Streamline Molecular Imaging workflow

Offers comprehensive analysis and processing protocols for planar and SPECT studies including renal, lung, whole-body and bone, cardiac (first pass, shunt, and MUGA), gastric, esophageal, hepatobiliary, and endocrine applications.

processing application suite thumbnail


  • Features Philips AutoSPECT Pro software for automated SPECT reconstruction and re-orientation.
  • A set of tools to perform daily and periodic quality assurance for SPECT Cameras with motion correction, as well as CT-based attenuation and scatter correction.


NM Review

NM Review provides a powerful MI and multi-modality image review and analysis environment for clinical evaluation of MI planar, SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET/CT, and PET/MR examinations.

review thumbnail


  • Layouts Selection, allows user to define different layouts for different presets. For each preset the user will have 4 different layouts.
  • MPR, MIP and fused 3D volume display.
  • Continuous scrolling option.
  • 2D and 3D SUV measurements: SUV Body Weight, SUV Lean Body Mass, SUV Body, Surface Area, and SUV Body Mass Index.
  • Automated 3D segmentation of lesions based on SUV value or percentage of SUV max, and the ability to export 3D contours in DICOM-RT Structure.
  • Set format to radiation therapy planning systems.


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