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Customer Services Portal

For healthcare professionals to drive better performance and manage the service needs of your Philips products across modalities  –  anytime, anywhere

Driving Service, at Your Fingertips

When it comes to improving patient and staff experience, and managing equipment to peak efficiency, Philips has great news. We’ve added new, useful features to our Customer Services Portal! Easy access to documentation for patient care-critical equipment, enhanced reporting capabilities, and information that spans modalities at various levels – case, contract, warranty, and more.
Elevating your customer service experience

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Create cases
Manage cases
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Manage Philips and
multi-vendor products
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Reporting and analytics
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View contracts by modality, location or individual equipment

Customer Benefits

Access your documentation such as service performance reports, test & inspection results, time & material quotes

Generate End of Life statements

Export of list views of installed products and cases

Export of maintenance visit details to your own calendar

Export of list views of installed products and cases

Supplementary services (removal/deinstallation of product)

Add images and PDF files when creating / updating a case

Calendar views per location, account and installed product

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Customer Services Portal

Driving service, at your fingertips

The Philips Customer Services Portal makes life easier by offering you an online platform to manage your Philips products and related services across modalities.

With the online portal, you can identify which of your organization’s products are up and running – or order service for those that are not.

How to videos

How to request support

How to request support

How to navigate the portal

How to navigate the portal

How to download documents

How to download documents

Calendar with planned visits

Calendar with planned visits

End of Life subscription

End of Life subscription

Customer Services Portal empowering
Queensland X-Ray


Sue Gillon

Service Delivery Coordinator | Administration

Queensland X-Ray, Australia

I was really honored to be asked to test the Philips Customer Services Portal.”

The portal helps us to have our equipment in peak working condition with less downtime  for our patients.”

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Philips Customer Services Portal?
Philips Customer Services Portal makes life easier by giving you one place from which to manage your assets and interact with Philips. You will find the portal to be a quick and convenient way to see which of your organization’s assets are up and running – or to order service (open a case) for those that are not. Furthermore, you can add attachments to the case, track case status, view planned service events, view reports, download documents and much more. The portal provides a window into case activity never offered before, with 24x7 access. The Customer Services Portal enables better decisions for your medical equipment and related services, and enhances your operational performance by streamlining workflow. 
Which browsers are supported?
Google Chrome
For all three, the latest version is preferred
How long are the Activation and Password Reset mails active?
The 'Login and create password' and 'Login and renew your password’ buttons in the account activation/password reset mails are active for 24 hours upon receipt of the email. Once expired, a password reset request must be re-submitted (see respective mail for contact details).
How often do I have to change my password? Password requirements

A password must be updated every 90 days, adhering to the Philips IT Security Guidelines. A password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one:

  • Number
  • Special character
  • Lower case character
  • Upper case character
As I did not login for some time I had to request a password reset. Now I still cannot access my account... what happened?
Please contact your local portal support team.
I am blocked due to unsuccessful password attempts . I tried using the reset password link, but it gave me an error. What should I do?
Upon 3 failed login attempts (correct user name but wrong password), the user account is 'locked' for 15 minutes and the user will receive a mail stating so. Please wait at least 15 minutes and request a new password via the login page or contact your local portal support team.
I see accounts in the account list that I don't recognize... what happened?
In the CS Portal, the setup of user accounts is managed from a 'location account' and a modality perspective. Installed products, next to a 'location account', are also associated with another account, the entity owning the installed products. The portal dynamically creates the list of accounts based on the installed products associated with the 'location account' to which they are linked. An example could be a CT scanner that is located at 'location account' 'A' but owned by account 'B' (e.g. a lease company, a trust, or Philips (in case of demo equipment and lease/rental by Philips). In this case, the portal will show 'location account' 'A' in the locations list and account 'B' in the accounts list.
I am unable to open the CFDs from the CS Portal. What should I do?
It is likely that your browser has the 'Pop-Up-Blocker enabled. Please check your browser setting and make sure that Pop-Ups are allowed for
How can I request technical or clinical support through the portal?
Please have a look at the  video "How to request support" on this page.
How do I add users in my organization to have access to the portal?
They may fill out the request form on this page, or if you have been given permission, you can create your own users within your organization.
Is my team able to get additional training on the Customer Services portal?
Training availability will vary per market, but can be requested through the contact us link on the portal home page. 
Do I need to provide my whole install base to gain access to all my sites?
This is the most accurate way for Philips to verify that all of your install base is visible in the portal, but it is not required to initialize access.
Which time-zones does the portal use?
All date and time stamps are based on the time zone of the user. Exceptions being the 'global search function' (in banner of each page and the remote access audit reports) where the time stamps in the search results of cases, contracts and warranties are based on GMT.
Where can I find case details from cases created/closed in the legacy system?
Historical cases are available for many countries (but not all). When available, they can be accessed by clicking the “Closed before xx/xx/yyyy”-button on any of the case lists.Please note that you will have to click the 'All Cases'-button to revert back to the non-historical cases (after date xx/xx/yyyy). 
Will there be a team looking at my opened cases and update me?
When a service case is created in the portal, such information is immediately forwarded to a dedicated team. Cases are handled based on case priority, entitlement type (or lack thereof) for the affected asset/installed product. You will be informed by phone or email about updates. This information will also be visible on the case details page in the portal.
Can I create my own report?
In CS Portal you have access to the existing reports, which means you cannot create your own reports. What you can do is customize reports, export data only to an excel file without graphs, and modify how information is displayed.

Philips Healthcare holidays

During holidays, service will be delivered to Customers as contractually indicated, and can be found in your service agreement language. Please contact your Philips Service representative, or Philips Customer Care Solutions Center at 1-800-722-9377 with questions.
Philips Healthcare holidays
January 1, 2021
New Year’s Day
January 18, 2021
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
May 31, 2021
Memorial Day
July 5, 2021 
Independence Day (observed)
September 6, 2021 
Labor Day 
November 11, 2021 
Veterans Day 
November 25, 2021
Thanksgiving Day
November 26, 2021 
Day after Thanksgiving Day 
December 24, 2021
Christmas Day (observed) 

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