The information displayed in the reports is based on your account assignment. If something does not seem correct, please contact your portal support team member because there might be an issue with your account assignment.

How to get to Reports

  1. You can access reports from anywhere in the portal when you click on the menu item titled “Report”.

Reports will be available in language specific folders.

What can you do with reports?
You can do many useful things with reports such as:

  • Change the type of graph
  • Change graph settings (show numbers vs. percentages)
  • Save views
  • Export lists (not graphs)

As per design, change filters settings may be locked based on local requirements.

  1. To modify how information is displayed, it is a simple click of the widget, which allows you to change display type or update chart attributes.
  2. When you click on ‘Filters’
  3. You can add/remove filters you are interested in to be shown in a report.
  4. Once satisfied with the new or modified report you can export it. To export, click the “Export” 


You are able to export data only, without graphs.

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You are about to visit a Philips global content page


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