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eCare Companion Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice was last updated on May 20,2021.

The Philips eCare Companion mobile application (App) provides users (patients) the ability to remotely communicate with their care management team including their informal caregivers and their healthcare providers in an ambulatory (at home) setting. The App transfers health related patient information from medical devices (as examples bluetooth connected weight scale and blood pressure cuff) and uses other techniques such as questionnaires and surveys, enabling healthcare providers and patients to monitor their health status.


This Privacy Notice applies to personal data processed by Philips North America, LLC and its affiliates (”Philips”, “our”, “we” or “us”), as a data processor (Business Associate).  The processing the personal data in the App is only done on behalf and under the instructions of the data controller (HIPAA Covered Entity), your healthcare provider.


Your healthcare provider is responsible for the processing of your personal data in the App, including obtaining your consent for the use of the App.  In this notice, we will briefly describe the types of personal data processed per the direction of your healthcare provider.


If you have any questions on how your healthcare provider requires us to process your data for the purposes of providing you this App, please contact them directly or refer to the healthcare provider’s notice of privacy practices.

Data filled in by you


Data Processed on behalf of your Healthcare Provider

When you install, access, and use the App, we will process your personal data as specified below and in general to provide the App services.


Account data

Your healthcare provider will register you for use of the App using your name, date of birth and email address. You will receive a welcome email from your provider of care which will ask you to verify your email address and will provide instructions on how to download the App. The personal data collected is used to verify you as a valid user of the App and to establish and verify your App account.


Device and other personal health data

If you connect a medical device(s) to the App the device  biometric data, such as your daily weight, will be sent to the App.


Information related to your current health status including your care plan and other health status measurements such as surveys and your responses are processed.  The health-related data processed in the App may be aggregated for you and your provider to monitor your health status over time.


You or your health care provider can enable video conferencing with your consent. Education content may be presented to you by your healthcare provider for viewing.


This data collected is to help you and your healthcare provider monitor your health status remotely.

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There are no cookies, tags or similar technologies utilized in the App.

Third parties


The App may request your permission to access your phone or sensors (e.g. camera, Wi-Fi, geo-location, or Bluetooth) or other data (e.g. photos, agenda, or contacts) on your mobile device.


  • We use such data only when it is needed to provide you the App services and only after you provided your explicit consent.
  • Sometimes the permission is a technical precondition to use of the App presented by the operating system of your mobile device. In such case, the App may ask your permission to access such sensors or data, however we will not collect such data, unless when it is required to provide you the App Service and only after you provided consent.

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