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    Supporting communities after natural disasters with quality medical equipment


    International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) tries to restore access to good healthcare by delivering quality medical equipment to communities stricken by natural disasters. Each project works with an in country vetted nonprofit/NGO. Every project reduces environmental waste, delivers equipment efficiently with respect for those who will use it and brings hope to devastated communities while protecting the planet. IMEC is transforming communities, improving lives and creating health care equity for people in need by building and rebuilding quality health clinics and hospitals.

    Tell us the causes that matter to you

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    "We deliver necessary medical equipment to restore and rebuild medical facilities so that doctors, nurses and clinicians can serve and heal their communities"


    Tom Keefe, CEO International Medical Equipment Collaborative

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    Tell us the causes that matter to you


    Through the Philips Foundation we are making a difference to people’s everyday lives, all over the world. But it’s by working together that we’ll make the biggest impact, which is why we’re asking you to let us know the causes that matters to you most.

    Choose the cause that matters to you most and together we’ll make life better:

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