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Medical needs happen in realtime – which means medical professionals need to collaborate in real time. Philips Lumify integrated tele-ultrasound, powered by Reacts technology, connects care givers at separate locations.


By supporting live-streams of ultrasound exams and two-way audio and video calls, Lumify with Reacts brings healthcare professionals together. For enhanced patient care – because there’s always a way to make life better.


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Reacts with Lumify

Discover the world’s first truly integrated ultrasound solution. Discover Lumify with Reacts


Live connections support better, more meaningful collaborations – which, in turn, support enhanced patient care. Explore how Lumify with Reacts joins professionals, places and patients together to make a real difference.

By doctors. For doctors Lumify reacts video

By doctors. For doctors.


Lumify with Reacts was designed around your challenges. Created by healthcare professionals who understand your needs this integrated tele-ultrasound system facilitates simultaneous, two-way communication and collaboration in a wide variety of scenarios.

About Reacts


Reacts (Remote Education, Augmented Communication, Training and Supervision), is a secure, integrated, collaborative platform with unique and unparalleled interactive tools designed to suit the multiple collaborative needs of healthcare professionals and patients. It incorporates innovative tools, like augmented reality, for remote virtual guidance, supervision and training. It was created by Quebec based Innovative Imaging TechnologiesInc. (IIT). Its President, Dr.Yanick Beaulieu, leads a multi-disciplinary team specialized in multimedia and software development.


Reacts is being used in 28 countries and has been deployed across various disciplines in both clinical and educational settings for uses going from secure messaging, remote woundcare, tele-ultrasound, teleconsultations, to interactive tele-surgical assistance and remote procedural supervision. IIT is currently collaborating with several major hospitals in Québec, Canada and abroad, as well as innovation and healthcare focused organizations like Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company.


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