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Software Evolution Services

Access software upgrades to stay standardized and secure

Protect the value of your monitoring investment

With a Software Evolution Services upgrade agreement, Philips tracks eligible upgrades and supports implementation for your patient monitoring system, so your patient monitoring technology is standardized, secure and updated with minimal system disruptions.

Other acuities may be included based on your contract.


The software maintenance contract can help you:

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  • Access: Clinicians gain access to the latest applications to meet changing demands.
  • Implementation management: Philips experts manage the configuration, staff education, go-live and user acceptance.
  • Ongoing education: Educational support services are available to accelerate adoption, from essential software functionality to system administration to advanced decision support.

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  • Protection: Protect investments against cybersecurity threats (fixes, OS patching and services to deliver latest upgrades) at a predictable cost.
  • Predictable cost: A contract helps flatten the spending curve, supporting better planning with a predictable annual fee.

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  • Standardization: A modern monitoring system lets you stay compatible and consistent throughout your organization.
  • Support: You work with a customer success delivery manager and get 24-7 remote support and onsite system health checks.

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  • Technology management: Accessing Philips newest technological innovations and advanced software capabilities helps you stay compliant.
  • System support: Data security and IT-compliant upgrades and OS patching can help you limit system disruptions, advance interoperability and enhance system performance.
  • Interoperability: Using the latest Philips monitoring technology allows you to integrate with your EMR and other third-party devices and systems.

Key capabilities

Software Evolution Services delivers patient monitoring applications and services that can allow you to keep healthcare data secure and flowing throughout the hospital.


  • Options for PCs and physical servers


  • Pre-configured IntelliVue bedside patient monitoring application version upgrades, updates, and fixes
  • Patient Information Center iX (PIC iX) central monitoring system surveillance application version upgrades, updates and fixes
  • IntelliBridge Enterprise (IBE) interoperability solution application version upgrades, updates and fixes
  • Enhanced security with Microsoft OS patching
  • Focal Point for system performance data-centric insights into your device landscape and network
  • Clinical mobility enabled with Philips Care Assist app and optional Event Notification implementation services


  • Customer delivery management with ongoing support for the term of the program
  • Optional clinical implementation services for upgrades and/or clinical advanced services for optimization initiatives
  • Optional technical implementation services
  • 24x7 remote support for quick troubleshooting
  • Technical advisory services
  • Online education and optional clinical onsite education service

Our approach

Our process of keeping your technology up-to-date starts by meeting you where you are today. Then, we help you improve at the level and pace that works best for you. Our approach includes:

Optional optimization and implementation services

  • Flexible levels of support: You can access at the level of IT and clinical management and optimization services you need to improve your system performance, based on your goals.
  • Customer delivery management: We keep the partnership on track with program benefit delivery management and ongoing customer support.
  • Long-term application planning: We’ll help you prepare for your future software upgrades by prioritizing and coordinating clinical and technical activities.

Clinical profession

Focal Point

All Software Evolution Services agreements include remote enablement powered by Philips PerformanceBridge Focal Point. Focal Point aggregates, processes, stores and presents inventory, statistical and alert information for patient monitoring devices, applications and network equipment.

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