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Software Evolution Services


Be prepared for advances in technology with a sustainable and scalable path to standardize exceptional patient monitoring across your enterprise.

Technology advances fast


Philips Software Evolution Services keeps your patient monitoring platform one step ahead of the curve.


Advancements in software and technology can help transform care, and improve the way healthcare providers do business.  But as technology continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve – and delivering exceptional care to the people who need it – can be an ever-increasing challenge.


Philips Software Evolution Services (SES) offer an industry-changing approach for a more predictable investment over the long term.

Beyond a software maintenance program, SES offers:

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Upgradable platform for easier planning and management over the system lifecycle

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Cybersecurity to protect your data

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Education, training and support to empower your teams

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A dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides ongoing support throughout the term of the agreement

Learn how Software Evolution Services can help prepare you for what’s next

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Stay ahead of the technology curve with Software Evolution Services.
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All SES agreements include:

PerformanceBridge Focal Point, an on-premise management system that connects to the Philips IT/cloud/support network, allowing access to hospital IT staff and interactivity with Philips technical support services.

Keep pace with care, cost and compliance imperatives

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  • Security threats
  • System failures
  • Ecosystem management
  • Unlimited access to software
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  • Cost management
  • Ease of financial planning
  • Longevity of portfolio
  • Support quality and efficiency
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  • Standardization
  • Reduced downtime
  • Access to new software features and enhancements

Why choose Software Evolution Services

By keeping our monitors at the most current revision,
we can significantly extend the life of that equipment from a capital procurement perspective .”


— Dennis Minsent, Director, Clinical Technology Services, Oregon Health and Science University

Dennis Minsent, Director, Clinical Technology Services, Oregon Health and Science University

The more advanced the technology gets, the more
the service contract needs to help us maintain that equipment .”


— Jane Kiah, Director, Invasive Services, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

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