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Lumify on Apple

One touch to start an ultrasound exam

Lumify on IOS
The Lumify app is available for compatible Apple mobile devices via the App Store. Lumify for Apple iOS requires the Lumify Power Module, mounting case and Lightning cable.

Imaging simplified


It's hard to believe the Lumify image quality is as good as it is. We've painstakingly optimized the image for each exam type so you don't have to, giving you all the advantages and flexibility of having ultrasound on your compatible Apple or Android mobile device without forcing you to compromise on image quality.

Imaging tablet
M Mode

M Mode


In M-mode, you can learn about the movement of an area of anatomy and also calculate fetal heart rate. In M-mode, the tissue interface position or depth is displayed along the vertical axis, and time is displayed along the horizontal axis.

Image adjustments

Image adjustments


Adjust and interact with the image with gestures you already use on your mobile device: pinch or double tap to zoom, scroll up or down for gain, depth, and volume.

Fast flow

Fast flow


The fast flow setting eliminates the need to manually adjust the scale while using color flow imaging: Fast Flow is optimized for faster blood flow conditions within each exam type (e.g. arterial flow).

Freeze image



Freezing the image introduces new tools like the cine loop slider and the ability to save and share ultrasound images and loops.

Slow flow

Slow flow


The slow flow setting eliminates the need to manually adjust the scale while using color flow imaging: Slow flow is optimized for slower blood flow conditions within each exam type (e.g. venous flow).

Save loop

Save loop


Capture and save the best loop for your patient records.

App share

App Share


Use the intuitive share function on iOS to easily send your images to other apps on your device such as cloud storage, email or social media.

Measure image



Intuitively and accurately measure multiple 2D distances, circumferences, and areas with simple touch calipers.

Review and share


Compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems, Lumify lets you keep a record of patient studies for review and provides HIPAA compliant options for sharing those studies from your portable ultrasound device.

Review patient's tablet
Review your patient's images and send.
Review tablet

Connect easily to patient PACS, or share images, video, and notes with colleagues from your handheld ultrasound device via email or a shared network.*


* Exporting images to a shared network is only possible on the Lumify Android app

Robust DICOM improvements screen

Robust DICOM and workflow capabilities


Lumify supports a wide variety of DICOM and workflow functionalities to satisfy the needs of large and small organizations around the world:


  • Connectivity Profiles allow users to easily switch between multiple environments
  • DICOM image store
  • DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS)
  • DICOM Storage Commitment support
  • DICOM modality worklist (query retrieve)
  • Option to configure patient data in the DICOM header and images (not DICOM tags), as well as anonymize
  • Export to DICOM PACS, network share drive, USB storage, removable SD Card storage, direct connection to PC.
  • Ability to export in PC format (MP4 clips, PNG images)
  • Send images to an export destination as acquired
  • Automatically delete an exam after export
  • Email patient exams
  • VISTA compatible
  • IPv6 compatible
  • Configurable delay before automatically ending an exam
*Sharing exams to a shared network is not yet possible on Apple devices

Quick access


Knowing time savings is critical in any healthcare environment, we've built in several workflow-improving features such as an always ready menu, barcode reader, modality worklist, and more.

Quick access side menu tablet



Use the always accessible menu to: review current exam, edit patient data, change presets, view saved exams, configure export destinations, adjust settings, view SW version, and more.

Modality worklist


DICOM modality worklist enables Lumify to query for patient demographics and ultrasound study details from the MWL SCP.


This allows those using DICOM modality worklists to have a more automated pathway for filling out patient data on the Lumify ultrasound machine.

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Proven performance

Get outstanding diagnostic clarity and rock-solid reliability from the leader in hand-held ultrasound.

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