Our Role in the Community

By linking social investment initiatives with the scope of our business, we can make the most of our core competencies to make a difference in people’s lives.

We are continuing our tradition of supporting the communities where we live and work, focusing on energy efficiency and healthcare.

Inspiring students to lead more energy-efficient lives

Reflecting our business, we are directing our efforts toward projects to upgrade lighting, particularly in schools.

One initiative is our Global School Program on Energy Efficient Lighting that raised awareness among students in schools around the world – in Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa and the US. Each school was given a grant to upgrade its lighting and the students became lighting designers.

In Hong Kong we’ve called upon students to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle by making a “simple switch” to more energy-efficient lighting. More than 110 schools with more than 20,000 students at the primary, secondary and university levels have enrolled.

Improving wellness everywhere

We understand that whether it is getting the right care for their children or improving their own wellbeing, people want the best without hassles. That’s why we focus on solutions for people in all markets.

Your Mouth, Your Heart
The Philips Sonicare website educates consumers about the strong link between oral health and overall health, and heart health in particular.
Educating people in Eastern Taiwan
The largely mountainous and densely forested terrain in Eastern Taiwan makes its populated areas difficult to reach. As a result, the standard of living there is generally lower. People are often poorly educated and less aware of health issues. To help change that, in 2005 we launched a four-year educational campaign with the theme “We care for your health.”
Training healthcare workers in China
We believe health education is essential in making healthcare accessible to medically underserved communities. In partnership with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, we launched the Philips Rural Healthcare Program in 2006. This three-year initiative will educate 300 village doctors in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and includes sponsoring a train-the-trainer program for those who will work with the rural doctors.

Additional Projects

Learn about our social investment activities around the world.
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