Sustainability performance highlights

Our planet

Under our latest EcoVision program we increased the energy efficiency of our products and operations in 2008.

  • Sales of Green Products rose to 25% of overall sales, up from 20% in 2007, representing an important, growing part of our revenue stream.
  • We introduced 91 new Green Products to the market. That means we have put 72% more Green Products on the market in 2008 than in 2007.
  • Our investment in Green Innovations amounted to EUR 282 million in 2008, on track for a cumulative amount of EUR 1 billion to be invested by 2012.
  • In absolute terms, the total emission in 2008 remained virtually flat at 2.1 million tons CO2 equivalents, mainly due to the acquisitions of Genlyte and Respironics. Without these additions, the footprint would have decreased by nearly 5%.


Our people

The Employee Engagement Index – the single measure of the overall level of employee engagement at Philips – rose to 69% in 2008, from 64% in 2007.


Diversity and inclusion
We reached our diversity and inclusion target for 2008, significantly increasing the percentage of women in executive positions. Women now comprise nearly 10% of executives across the global Philips organization – double the figure of 5% in 2005. We aim to increase that number to 15% by 2012.


Health and safety
In 2008 Lost Workday Injuries cases, occupational injury cases where the injured person is unable to work the day after the injury, decreased 18% compared with 2007.


Our partners

We continued to drive progress in our Supplier Sustainability Involvement Program in 2008. A total of 572 audits of Bill of Material and non-product related identified risk suppliers were carried out in 2008.


During 2008 we focused on resolving zero-tolerance issues, leading to a 60% improvement in resolution speed. During the last four months of the year all zero-tolerance issues were resolved within 105 days, down significantly from the average resolution time of 250 days in 2007. At year-end there were no zero-tolerance issues older than three months.