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Tools and resources to support your patients

Posted: April 12, 2023
Updated: September 5, 2023

While we continue to progress throughout the remediation process, we want you to feel informed about the latest updates and be well-equipped with tools and resources to support your patients. 

If your patient’s remediation is being managed by Philips Respironics, we ask that you share the following information with them

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Register an affected device and keep patients updated on the status of their replacement device


If your patient has not yet registered their affected device, please direct them to do so through the Patient Portal to begin the remediation process.


If your CPAP or BiPAP patients have registered but have not yet received a replacement device, it may be because we need further information or consent from them. We ask that you encourage your patients to visit the Patient Portal regularly as their status may have been updated or there may be important reminders for information needed to complete their order. 

The prompts they may see are unique to their affected device and personal information, and may include:


  • Electing for financial payment or a replacement device
  • Submitting a prescription
  • Opting in for an auto-adjusting CPAP if eligible 

It is important to note that your patient may be required to take an action in the Patient Portal before we are able to process their replacement device. 

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Learn about auto-adjusting CPAP devices


If a patient is unable to obtain their prescription settings, receiving a replacement device with Auto-adjusting CPAP settings may be an option. Those who are eligible will be contacted directly by Philips Respironics and will also see this option available within the Patient Portal where they will be able to provide consent to receive a replacement device with Auto-adjusting CPAP settings. 

Once patients receive their Auto CPAP replacement device we are encouraging them to discuss if the Auto CPAP setting is the right choice with their physician. You can find out more about Auto-adjusting CPAP devices, here.

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Helping your patients set up their replacement device, and return their affected device


Once your patient has received their replacement device, we want to make sure that they have the instructions they need to set up and use their device. Please find our selection of resources available for replacement CPAP and BiPAP devices here

Returning an affected device to Philips Respironics is an important part of our remediation process. By returning an original affected device with the provided shipping label back to Philips Respironics allows us to repair, clean, and disinfect the device so it can be provided to another patient who is awaiting a replacement.

You can find instructions on returning an affected device here.

Additional information for Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DMEs) and Clinicians

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If your patient has received a DreamStation 2 as a replacement device


Our e-learning course includes helpful materials to become familiar with this solution

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Stay informed of the latest testing updates


Based on the extensive testing and analysis that we have done over the past 18 months working with five independent certified laboratories, as well as third party experts and physicians we now have a complete set of results** for the first-generation DreamStation devices. You can find the most up-to-date testing results here.

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Understand the steps we take to ensure the safety of replacement CPAP or BiPAP devices


We understand that patients may have concerns around the safety of their devices, so we have outlined the steps we take to ensure their recertified first-generation DreamStation device is safe to use. Please find the full list of details, including a tutorial video, here.

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Sleep CPAP/BiPAP Testing and Research Infographic for your Patients


A simple one-page explanation of the completed testing and research results for System One, DreamStation and DreamStation Go devices is now available to utilize with your sleep therapy patients. Download and print the infographic here.

Unsure how to support your patients?

** Philips Respironics has provided the data and analyses to the FDA and other competent authorities. The FDA is still considering the data and analyses that Philips Respironics has provided and may reach different conclusions. Healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders should use the complete update, including information on the limitations of the testing, for any informed decision making and should not solely rely on the overview presented here. Philips Respironics’ guidance for healthcare providers and patients remains unchanged. Philips Respironics will continue with the remediation program.

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