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If you haven't yet registered your device

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Waiting for your replacement device? Here are the actions you may need to take to continue your remediation pathway.

April 12, 2023

If you have already registered an affected device and have not received your replacement, it may be because Philips Respironics needs some further information or consent from you. Without this information or consent, we cannot ship your replacement device.  More information can be found on the Patient Portal. If you experience any issues on the Patient Portal call 877-907-7508.

What is a remediation pathway, and why might your remediation pathway be different from another patient’s remediation pathway?


A remediation pathway is the journey from registering your affected device to receiving a replacement device or financial payment. Each journey is unique depending on your affected device and personal situation, including whether your device remediation is managed by your Durable Medical Equipment Provider (DME) or by Philips Respironics.

Please find your current affected device to learn more information or actions you may need to take based on your specific situation.

50 Series CPAP, ASV

System One 50 or 60 series devices

Also marketed as System One ASV, System One BiPAP autoSV, System One BiPAP autoSV Advanced, C series S/T AVAPS, System One BiPAP AVAPS (C-series), System One BiPAP S/T (C-series)


Philips Respironics System One, 50-series and 60-series devices were discontinued in the US in 2013 and 2017 respectively. These devices are past their warranty and useful life, which is typically 5 years. Because these units are no longer manufactured, it has created unique challenges in inventory, sourcing the parts needed for repair and remotely extracting the prescription device settings needed to supply a replacement device. For all of these reasons, we cannot offer System One patients a new or repaired version of their current product but they can still choose to receive a replacement device or a financial payment. If you have retained a lawyer, you may wish to consult with him or her before making your decision.


If you do not make a selection, Philips Respironics cannot take any action. 


Your options are:

  1. If you elect financial payment, a check will be mailed to your registered address upon return  of your affected device. The amount of your payment is based on your model and will be shown in the Patient Portal.
  2. If you elect to receive a replacement device, you will need to provide a current prescription. Directions on how to get your current prescription will be available in the Patient Portal.


Depending on your specific situation, you may be eligible to select an Auto-adjusting CPAP replacement device. 

DreamStation CPAP

First Generation DreamStation CPAP, BiPAP Pro or Auto BiPAP device

Also marketed as DreamStation ASV, DreamStation BiPAP autoSV, DreamStation ST AVAPS, DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS, DreamStation BiPAP S/T


If you registered a first-generation DreamStation CPAP, BiPAP Pro or Auto BiPAP device, we may need your device prescription and are unable to ship your replacement device until it’s provided.  Please log-in to the Patient Portal for device specific instructions on how Philips Respironics can obtain your prescription and fulfil your replacement device.


Depending on your specific situation, you may be eligible to select an Auto-adjusting CPAP replacement device. 

DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go


If you have registered a DreamStation Go device, please note there is no action with respect to the remediation at this time and we will address replacement device information in a future communication as well as in the Patient Portal.

What is an Auto-adjusting CPAP device?


Auto-adjusting CPAP devices have default settings that can automatically adjust throughout the night based on your needs. However, the device can also be programmed to prescribed settings by a doctor or DME. Once you receive your Auto-adjusting CPAP device, we recommend you connect with your doctor to see if these settings are optimal for your therapy.  If not, your doctor can set your device to your prescribed settings.


Continuous positive airway pressure


CPAP provides one level of pressure to your upper airway throughout the night.

Example of CPAP pressures over time

Auto-adjusting CPAP

Automatically-adjusting airway pressure


Auto-adjusting provides a variable pressure throughout the night based on your needs and sleep stage.

Example of auto-adjusting CPAP pressures over time
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If you experience any technical issues with the Patient Portal, please call 877-907-7508.  If you have any additional questions, please visit our Contact and Support page.

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