DreamStation 2

DreamStation 2
Auto CPAP Advanced 

Information for patients and caregivers who have received a DreamStation 2 as a replacement for your existing CPAP device

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Ozone and UV light cleaning products are not currently approved cleaning methods for sleep apnea devices or masks and should not be used.

The DreamStation 2 AutoCPAP Advanced was designed with your comfort and ease in mind. It is easy to use and features a Ramp Plus setting that will allow you to pick a starting pressure that is comfortable to help you fall asleep.

We understand that any change to your therapy device can cause concern. We are working with your homecare provider/DME to ensure proper and smooth replacement device setup. We have a patient management software solution that in many cases allows your homecare provider to access the prescription settings from your previous device. This means your replacement device will have comparable settings to your previous device.


Don’t forget to download the DreamMapper app to help track your progress, set goals and get helpful tips. 

A note about the foam used in your DreamStation 2


While affected devices contained a polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) sound abatement foam component, the sound abatement foam in all new and recertified devices is a silicone foam that has met all applicable industry testing standards, including particulate and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions testing, and is authorized as part of our remediation.

Starting your therapy

Starting your therapy

Syncing DreamMapper

Syncing DreamMapper

Touch screen menu

Touch screen menu

Humidifier set up

Humidifier set up

Activating Ramp Plus

Activating Ramp Plus

Philips DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced  Setup and Use

Do not discard any of the packaging material. You will use it to return your recalled device.

Additionally, please keep the following device components and accessories from your current device, you will need them to set-up your replacement device.

SD Card




Disassemble your old machine

  • Disconnect the power supply, power cord, tubing, and mask. 
  • If applicable, please ensure the humidifier does not contain any water. 
  • Remove SD card (if applicable) and save for later


Assemble the replacement sleep apnea therapy machine

  • Unpackage your replacement DreamStation 2 device and clean the humidifier water tank per cleaning instructions in the user manual. 
  • For device components and accessories you have kept, clean per the cleaning instructions in the user manual.
  • Connect the power supply and power cord to the bottom of the device and plug in the power cord to an outlet not controlled by a light switch.
  • Place SD card in replacement DreamStation 2 device (if applicable).
  • Reattach the humidifier water tank by sliding it onto the device.
  • Attach tube.
  • Attach mask.


Allow for device settings to upload before starting therapy

  • Once the device is plugged in wait five minutes to allow the device settings to upload via the integrated cell modem. In some instances you may see an on-screen pop appear informing you of a prescription update/change.
  • Press the therapy button to initiate air flow and ensure proper operation. Your prescription pressure will be delivered.
  • NOTE: A solid ring indicates your prescribed therapy pressure is being delivered.

Mapping of Device Settings

DreamStation Setting

DreamStation 2 Setting

Prescription Mode and Pressure

Matches DreamStation prescription setting

Tube Size

Matches DreamStation setting
(if heated tube attached, device will automatically detect)

CFLEX or CLFEX+/AFLEX: Off, 1, 2, or 3

FLEX (CFLEX+/AFLEX): Off, 1, 2, or 3

(value matches DreamStation setting)

Mask Resistance

Matches DreamStation setting

Fixed or Smart Ramp

Ramp Plus

Ramp Time: 5-45min (5 min increments)

Ramp Plus Time: 15, 30, or 45 min

(matches to closest previous setting)

Ramp Pressure

Ramp Plus pressure set to off

(patient to select desired starting pressure)


Enabled if enabled on DreamStation (will take 30 hours for  device to identify optimal pressure. Ramp Plus pressure  overrides Opti-Start pressure if activated)

NOTE: If you had a Ramp pressure set on your device, you will need to reset on the DreamStation 2 device using the replacement Ramp Plus feature. This can be adjusted by tapping the Ramp Plus icon while therapy is running and tapping the +/- icons until the desired and comfortable start pressure is achieved. After Ramp Plus is set, the device will automatically deliver this pressure during the therapy session and future therapy sessions without additional activation.


  • Please reference the Patient Quick Start Guide and User Manual for more detailed information about the device and operation.
  • Your device is now ready to use.
  • Update your device serial number information in DreamMapper. It is important to wait until after you have completed the previous steps to do this.

Return Instructions for affected device


Package your old machine for return shipment

Using the packaging material that came with your replacement device, place your affected device in the shipping box provided. If applicable, please ensure your humidifier is empty of water.

Taping the return box

Tape the box after packaging is complete. The tape should be centered so equal amounts of tape extend down the sides of the shipping box as shown here. 

Applying the label to the return box

Peel the pre-paid label from its backing and attach it to the shipping box making sure you completely cover the original shipping label.

Ensure the shipping box is securely taped and sealed to prevent it from breaking open during shipment. 

Do not return: SD card, tubing, or mask


Contact FedEx

  • Find the closest drop off location or schedule a pickup. 
  • You may also give the package to any FedEx driver making regular pick ups or deliveries.
  • Alternatively, you can take the package to an authorized FedEx shipping outlet. 
  • This return shipment is pre-paid, so there is no charge to you. 

Call FedEx (800) 463-3339

Cleaning your DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced*

Before resuming therapy on your new or replacement machine, you or your equipment provider must visually inspect the following accessories for evidence of particulate contamination:​ ​


  • Tubing
  • ​Mask components (mask, cushions and integrated tubing) ​
  • Humidifier tank and seals (if applicable)


​If there is no evidence of particles on any of these components: ​

  • clean each component per their respective instructions for use ​
  • reassemble and resume therapy on your new device​​


If visible particles are evident on any of these components: 

  • ​Contact your equipment provider for replacement options (prior to restarting therapy) ​​

Before you begin cleaning:

Unplug your device before cleaning

Do not submerge device in water

Always use distilled water in your humidifier tank

Humidifier maintenance

Humidifier maintenance

Device Maintenance

Device maintenance

Changing air filters

Changing air filters

* Refer to your specific device manual for further details on the cleaning process
Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in connection with Philips’ efforts to remediate the recalled Respironics Sleep and Respiratory Care devices (each, an “Affected Device”).  To expedite these efforts, Philips in many cases is (or will be) providing a replacement device (an “Advanced Exchange”) in advance of the return of an Affected Device. By accepting the Advanced Exchange, you are agreeing to return your Affected Device to Philips so that, in many cases, Philips can expeditiously refurbish the returned Affected Device to help ensure another user receives a replacement device sooner.  This is consistent with the FDA’s direction for a prompt remediation. 

Upon receipt of Advanced Exchange, please follow the instructions that you receive regarding the return of your Affected Device to Philips.  Specifically, it is important that you promptly return your Affected Device. Your returned Affected Device will either be repaired to replace the foam insulation with an approved insulation, or will be destroyed.   

Please note that in order to effectuate the Recall Plan it is necessary that you return your Affected device promptly, consistent with FDA regulations. By participating in the Advanced Exchange or receiving a remediated device, you acknowledge and agree that the foam insulation will be removed and may be discarded, and that your Affected Device may be destroyed or refurbished. Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.

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