High quality cardiac imaging on your Android device

New! Lumify phased array transducer

Philips Lumify introduced you to easy-to-use ultrasound with your compatible Android device. Now we’ve added the S4-1 phased array transducer for cardiac imaging, bringing Philips exceptional imaging to more applications. The S4-1 transducer with presets for echo, FAST, ob/gyn, abdomen, and lung exams is ideal for emergency medicine, critical care, pre-hospital, and cardiology providers. The transducer’s small footprint provides excellent access to acoustic windows so you can get the information you need quickly and confidently. 


In addition to the excellent cardiac images you can acquire, Lumify is now more flexible than ever:

  • Lumify transducers can be purchased outright
  • Lumify is now among the toughest ultrasound machines on the market, passing shock, vibration, drop, and extreme temperature and other environmental testing
  • M-Mode is now available on all three Lumify transducers
  • Lumify is compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems and can be made to comply with enterprise data security policies
  • No waiting for boot-up, just plug the transducer into your Android device and start scanning, almost anywhere – pre-hospital, ambulatory, and critical care settings.
  • Use your device’s camera with the built-in barcode reader to capture patient data quickly
M-Mode Apical View
Parasternal Short Axis 

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