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Lumify for portable musculoskeletal ultrasound

Compact and intuitive, the Lumify portable msk ultrasound machine gives you easy access to incredible musculoskeletal imaging wherever you are. Send your high-quality images and video loops right from your compatible Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.


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Applications for portable musculoskeletal ultrasound


L12-4 transducer supports up to 5 exam types


Whether you're assessing a patient injury or need to do a joint injection, the Lumify L12-4 portable musculoskeletal ultrasound machine allows you to see muscle and tissue in exceptional detail. High accuracy means more confidence, less time to a treatment plan, and improved patient satisfaction.

Lung image
Vascular image
Soft tissue
MSK image
Superficial image
L12 4

C5-2 transducer supports up to 4 exam types


Lumify takes point-of-care scanning to new levels, helping you speedily make confident assessments almost anywhere. Use the Philips Lumify C5-2 transducer for needle guidance or for scanning a deeper structure such as a hip joint.

Lung image
Abdomen image
Gallbladder image
OB/Gyn image
C5 2
Download, plug in and scan

Download, plug in, and scan


Download the free Lumify ultrasound app on your compatible smart device, connect the transducer, and you’re ready to scan.

Exceptional vision

A better vision for portable MSK ultrasound


The Lumify app enhances imaging to help confidently and quickly assess MSK patients. Advanced imaging algorithms automatically adjust, creating an exceptional image. If you need to, fine-tune scans by adjusting depth, gain, power, and color through a simple and intuitive multi-touch interface.

Always with you
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Always with you


Store and review patient exams and images right from your compatible smartphone or android device. With the ability to share results by email, DICOM, or to a shared network, Lumify enables you to easily collaborate and manage images both on and off your portable MSK ultrasound device.

Reacts app

Live integrated tele-ultrasound**


Real-time collaboration can make a difference for some patients – when making rounds, in your clinic, or at a community scanning event. Lumify with Reacts capability allows you to simultaneously stream live ultrasound images, video and audio, providing the critical, real-time information you are seeing with other experts, and get their feedback in real time. It’s collaboration that can make a real difference in patient care. 

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Lumify app in Android and IOS

* Network share not yet available on Apple devices

** Reacts is currently only available on Lumify for Android, and is not yet available for Lumify on Apple devices

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