Point-of-Care ultrasound clinical education resources

Point-of-Care ultrasound clinical education resources 


At Philips, we believe clinical education is a key part of streamlining medical management in the critical care setting.

Enhance your bedside assessment


July 31, 2017

Because ongoing clinical education is so important to our point-of-care ultrasound customer, Philips has created several educational options to meet short term, long term and ongoing ultrasound education needs. To facilitate easy access to our offerings we are proud to point you to a resource where all of our services related to point-of-care ultrasound clinical education are summarized in one piece. 

Ultrasound education

With Philips, we don’t have a one-size fits all approach to ultrasound education, we offer a wide range of options to fit your needs.


  • Instructor led clinical education programs- delivered by a team of highly skilled Clinical Solutions Specialists and luminary physicians at your facility, one of our US based training centers, or at one of our regional or national clinical education symposia
  • Web-based clinical education programs- Online tutorials and quick guides geared for the busy clinician in need of self-paced point-of-care education
  • Subscription Service offerings- Philips partners with other global leaders in ultrasound clinical education to further enhance the catalog of clinical education programs available to our customers


For more information about our educational offerings, please feel free to download our poc ultrasound education resource here.

Also stay tuned to our twitter handle to stay up to date with the latest from Philips Lumify https://twitter.com/philipslumify.

Philips Ultrasound Clinical Education 2017


  • Instructor-led clinical education
  • Web-based clinical education options
  • Subscription service offerings
  • Additional resources and contact information
  • Product information

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