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Nov 09, 2023

Philips receives Red Dot: Best-of-the-Best design awards for design excellence

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At Philips, our purpose is to improve the health and well-being of those we serve through meaningful innovation. When developing solutions and products, patient, consumer, and environmental safety is at the heart of everything we do. This focus on safety is a critical element of all health systems. As a health technology company, we aim to design solutions that enable the safer delivery of care. Innovative, customer and patient-focused designs are a vital component in how we deliver on that commitment. Philips’ recent achievement of its 2023 Red Dot Best-of-the-Best Awards for Design Excellence is a distinctive example and endorsement of the strength of Philips’ design teams.

Patient monitoring alarm sounds

This year, Red Dot awarded two of its Best-of-the-Best awards to Philips Sounds, the latest ground-breaking solution that has re-imagined patient monitoring alarm sounds, and Philips OneBlade packaging design system.

The fact that Philips emerged victorious from such a strong group of participants is testimony to the extraordinary quality of their work.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec

Founder and CEO of Red Dot

“A wide variety of companies and design studios from all over the world faced the professional judgment of our international jury and our experts assessed a considerable number of submissions.,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot. “The fact that you emerged victorious from such a strong group of participants is testimony to the extraordinary quality of your work.”

Team Picture Red Dot Awards

In search of stand-out, high-quality design and innovation, the 24 expert members of this year’s international Red Dot Award Communication Design jury assessed entries from around the world, looking for examples of outstanding design quality. The Philips Experience Design team, led by the team in Böblingen, Germany, worked alongside the renowned sound design studio Sen Sound to thoughtfully re-examine, reimagine, and incrementally redesign patient monitoring alarm sounds to meet the needs of individuals who have to hear them repeatedly in hectic, acute care environments.

“We are particularly proud of this unique design project,” says Andreas Walden, Usability Leader for Hospital Patient Monitoring at Philips. “We are among the only health technology companies to prioritize alarm sound innovation. Philips Sounds was strategically and painstakingly developed to help build trust among stakeholders through co-creation, non-disruptive change, and mutual learning.”

Philips’ additional Best-of-the-Best Red Dot award for OneBlade packaging design system, a fit-for-future solution, proves that design innovation can extend beyond product usability and into environmental impact. Acting sustainably and responsibly safeguards Philips’ license to operate. Embedding sustainability – and circularity into daily operations is critical to ensuring our long-term business relevance and impact. The paper-based OneBlade packaging solution is one of the foundations of Philips pack platforming efforts, illustrating how the use of less material, fewer parts, and less volume goes hand-in-hand with iconic presence and the best user experience.

OneBlade Sustainable Packaging

“Sustainability and consumer centricity are both important aspects of our design process at Philips. From how our products are designed, packaged and shipped to the onboarding experience and recyclability at end-of-use,” says Georges Beaujean, Design Leader, Philips Grooming and Beauty. “Our new OneBlade packaging system encapsulates both priorities, bringing impactful communication and our innovative paper-based packaging structure design together to promote a stronger consumer experience.”

In addition to the two Best-of-the-Best awards, Philips received 7 additional awards for high design quality across both its professional healthcare and consumer health portfolios. For a complete list and more information on Philips’ Red Dot Design Awards in 2023, please visit

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