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Apr 10, 2019

From the front lines of FORTUNE Brainstorm Health with Philips Carla Kriwet

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Philips head of Connected Care, Dr. Carla Kriwet discusses “Curing the Incurable” with Technology & Teamwork, at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health event in San Diego, CA (Courtesy of FORTUNE)

Philips joins global health leaders to discuss curing the incurable with technology & teamwork

Last week, Dr. Carla Kriwet, EVP and Chief Business Leader of Connected Care at Philips participated in the FORTUNE Brainstorm Health event in San Diego to discuss how technology is making strides in addressing some of the most pressing healthcare crises worldwide.  FORTUNE Brainstorm Health brings together C-suite leaders from top companies, hospitals, insurers, and cutting-edge pharma and biotech companies, and also includes titans across venture capital, tech and telecom, all of whom are rapidly changing the face of health care. The event is designed to push the boundaries in each of these areas, and to show how businesses, both established and new, can lead the way in truly driving the future of health care.


During day one of the event, Carla spoke on the topic of “Curing the Incurable with Technology and Teamwork.” Joining Carla in this pivotal conversation were global health leaders Dr. Caroline Buckee, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard University, Dr. Julie Gerberding, Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer at Merck, and Peter Sands, Executive Director, The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 

Carla Kriwet talks tech and innovation at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health

Carla Kriwet talks tech and innovation at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health (Courtesy of FORTUNE)

The panel session – moderated by Alan Murray, President and CEO of FORTUNE – explored topics ranging from drones delivering medications and vaccines to the most remote areas on earth, to how GPS devices are tracking Ebola outbreaks. Great companies are in the business of innovating. But is technology innovation only escalated and delivered in times of crisis?  Are companies invested in doing good only to improve their profitability? These are a few of the questions that garnered the most attention during the panel discussion at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health.


Identified as a company recognized for wanting to do good in the world, with the mission of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2030, Carla focused on Philips’ model of its Community Life Center approach in Africa and the impact of Connected Care improving outcomes.  

This is not about charity; this goes far beyond charity. It’s about working in partnerships to create access to sustainable care, and training health workers so they can support communities and are ready for a crisis.

Dr. Carla Kriwet

Chief Business Leader, Connected Care, Philips.

FORTUNE reporter Sy Mukherjee attended the session, describing it as a “powerhouse panel.” Read more from Mukherjee’s FORTUNE Brainstorm Health coverage – “To Attack the Most Intractable Public Health Crises, Try Technology” -  here


To view the FORTUNE Brainstorm Health panel discussion in its entirety, visit:  

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Philips is committed to supporting the transformation of healthcare in Africa; a commitment that goes far beyond short-term commercial interests. More information on Philips Community Life Center community driven platform approach is available here


Dr. Carla Kriwet is Executive Vice President and Chief Business Leader Connected Care, and a member of the Royal Philips Executive Committee. With more than 20 years of experience in business strategy and operational execution in the industrial and medical device industries, Carla has a successful record of achieving ambitious targets, delivering double-digit growth and leading organizations through transformations. As Chief Business Leader of Connected Care at Philips, Carla is responsible for patient monitoring and analytics, therapeutic care, sleep and respiratory care and population health programs. 

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