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Dolby Vision: Dramatic Imaging


Dobly vision is as powerful cinema technology that now transforms your TV experience. It brings entertainment to life with dramatic imaging - incredible brightness, color, constrast, detail and dimensionality. And with the advanced capabilities in Dolby Vision, you'll see there's more to the story than generic HDR can reveal.

High Dynamic Range


High Dynamic Range technology lets you experience more detail and captivating colors for an even more engaging television experience. More percivable shades of blacks, whites and all other colors. This boils down to greater perceived brightness and contrast with darker shadows creating a breaktaking image.

Bright Pro


Bright Pro delivers bright and dynamic picture quality while maintaining color spectrum and black levels. Bright but yet Immersive.

PMR 120


Showcase sports, action movie or any fast paced scenery, so you never miss any section of the action.

Macro Dimming


Let the TV do the work for you. Automatically adjusting the luminance level of each frame, so you have the optimal viewing experience, with bright whites, vivid colors, and true blacks.

Picture Plus Ultra HD


Converts smart TV or FHD content from set top devices into nearly 4k quality. The TV's Pixel Precise engine optimizes picture and pixel qulaity to deleiver the best experience.

Picture Quality Redefined