Roku TV

A simple way to watch
what you love

Get to all the things you want to watch, easier with Philips Roku TV. Start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. Access your cable box or HD antenna. Or even fire up your gaming console - all from your home screen.

Stream almost anything

Kick back with access to 500,000+ streaming movies and TV episodes across thousands of free and paid channels.

Watch blockbusters, hit series, live news, kids' shows, and more. Plus, stream award-winning originals from channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


Plus, with The Roku Channel, you can choose what you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, from hundreds of popular movies to TVs shows and more - at no cost to you. No subscription. No fees. No login required.

Fast and easy search

Search by title, actor or director to see where to stream your favorite shows for free or at the lowest price – you can even see where to watch them on antenna broadcasts.

Feature-packed Roku Mobile App

Cast to TV

See your photos, videos, and music up on your big screen

Private Listening

Use headphones to listen as loud as you want without disturbing the house

Voice search

Just say it to search by title, actor, or director


Enjoy wireless streaming.

For buffer-free streaming.

Watch live over-the-air programs.

Easily pause and playback over-the-air, antenna TV broadcasts.  16GB or larger USB Flash Drive required.

Connect your favorite set-top-box, gaming console or Blu-ray player.

Experience a Smarter TV