Decisive diagnostics.
Confident care.

Philips Lumify—the revolutionary, app-based portable, hand-held ultrasound that puts exceptional imaging in the palm of your hand 

High-resolution imaging delivers crystal clear insights.


Lumify portable ultrasound offers uncompromised quality for both shallow and deeper applications

  • soft tissue
  • vascular
  • superficial
  • musculoskeletal
  • cardiac
  • abdominal
  • FAST
  • OB/GYN
  • lung
  • Proven innovation

    Proven innovation

    Now available in more than 50+ countries Philips Lumify continues to expand the reach of ultrasound and enhance its impact on patients.

  • Technology without compromise

    Technology without compromise

    With 2-5 hour continuous scanning, Lumify’s performance readiness can help your patients in the most urgent situations with exceptional flexibility.

  • Lightweight Portability

    Lightweight Portability

    Weighing less than 136 grams, Lumify’s battery-free transducers give you lightweight control for ease-of-use and the ultimate advantage in portability.

  • Future-proof Cable

    Future-proof Cable

    Built for versatility, Lumify features a detachable cable that offers the flexibility to replace damaged cables, and keep up with ever-evolving digital devices.

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With Lumify, intervene earlier, from anywhere


Designed with high-resolution imaging, a highly intuitive interface, and a lightweight, battery-free transducer, Philips Lumify goes where you go.

Dependable diagnostics on-demand


Patients rely on you to be right—in real-time, so get the ultimate advantage with Philips Lumify.

Dependable diagnostics on-demand

Revolutionary, app-based ultrasound


Turn your compatible smart device into a powerful, portable diagnostic machine with Philips Lumify.

Dependable diagnostics on-demand

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