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Successful OSA management doesn’t come from one thing – it comes from everything. Which is why we’re giving it our everything to redefine what therapy can be. This means personalizing care pathways from the start, and throughout a lifetime of treatment. It means supporting patients in every aspect of their journey, so they can live better lives through better sleep. It means helping you streamline care – from diagnosis through long-term management – to increase your capacity to care for more patients. All to help you transform how care is delivered and experienced.


Together, let’s build the future of OSA care.

A simpler journey through OSA treatment is everything


We understand the complexities of providing effective care for your patients, while also maintaining an efficient business. Our end-to-end OSA portfolio is based on unparalleled clinical rigor and billions of nights of sleep data – for solutions, software, and services that address the challenges that you and your patients face. It's care designed to help exceed expectations of ease, personalization, and acceptance for patients – and to give you the freedom to focus on building your business.

See how we’re here to help you simplify the complexities of OSA care, every step of the way:


Quick and convenient sleep diagnosis


Simple OSA patient setup and training

Long term

Patient Initiation and ongoing sleep therapy compliance

OSA solutions to support your journey

Mask selector


Give patients the right fit, the first time.1
Care orchestrator


Help unify care teams and run your business your way.
Patient Adherence Management System (PAMS)

Patient Adherence Management System (PAMS)

Partner with Philips to coach your patients to adherence.

Comfortable breathing is what everyone deserves – awake and asleep. That’s why we innovated the first CPAP machine 40 years ago, and are tirelessly working to deliver the next care-changing innovation in OSA therapy.

Timeline of innovation

Our history of innovative firsts

9.7 million connected patients worldwide

Today, Philips enables the care of more than

9.7 million connected patients worldwide

all driven by robust clinical research and breakthrough insights. Backed by the knowledge of today’s leading minds in sleep therapy, and married with advanced design to make every touch more intuitive – and more powerful.

With an eye to the future, 

we believe in our core that we’re just getting started.

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1. Data analysis after 90 days of use. 2019 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=310). Patients scanned using the Mask Selector (n=153) vs. traditional fitting methods (n=157).