A quick and convenient sleep diagnosis is everything


We believe a lifetime of compliance comes from enhancing comfort and engagement before therapy even begins – at the very start of diagnosis.


But a number of challenges can stand in the way:


  • Sleep tests can be an uncomfortable experience for patients
  • Home sleep tests are becoming more common, but they aren’t always efficient or profitable
  • Scoring can be challenging and time-consuming for clinicians
  • Linking test data with a patient’s electronic health record is cumbersome, especially with disparate systems
  • After a sleep test, the patient transition to a DME for mask selection and setup doesn’t always go smoothly

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Philips offers solutions to help make life better
at every stage of diagnosis:

We’re redesigning the OSA diagnostic experience with a new height of sensitivity, to help enable patients to conduct their sleep tests and screenings with more ease, speed, and precision – and to improve the process for you, too.

OSA solutions to support your journey

Alice NightOne

Alice NightOne


Allows patients to conduct a sleep test from the comfort of their own home.


  • Helps patients get the study done right – the first night

Sleepware G3

Sleepware G3


Diagnostic software with Somnolyzer offers easy-to-use capabilities to help you manage both in-lab and at-home studies.


  • A robust platform with enhanced functionality to help busy sleep labs better meet their business and workflow needs, regardless of their lab size


Somnolyzer 4.1


Helps simplify and improve sleep study productivity, accuracy, and consistency.


  • Replaces the need for technologist scoring1*
  • Provides patients with quicker results
  • Yields data that’s easy to understand and integrate

Mask Selector 2d

Mask selector


Helps patients get a personalized mask recommendation right from home, for a personal touch of safety and convenience


  • Mask Selector 2D uses technology patients are likely to already have – like a cell phone, tablet, or computer – to take one simple photo, so you can give them the right mask recommendation, from afar

HL7 connectivity

HL7 connectivity


Helps you integrate data easily and efficiently, so you have the complete picture of patient health.


  • Flexible HL7 interfacing capabilities to support varying approaches by EHR vendors
  • Allows seamless connectivity and smooth data transmission, across multiple devices, whether in-home or in the lab

We're going further to help patients begin their journey comfortably. To help them accept therapy from the start, and ease OSA management down the road.

See how we’re here to help you simplify the complexities of OSA care, every step of the way:


Quick and convenient sleep diagnosis

*The Somnolyzer scoring algorithms generate an output that is ready for review and interpretation by a physician.



1. Philips sponsored study, results on file.

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