Ongoing OSA therapy compliance

Patient initiation and ongoing sleep therapy compliance is everything


Long-term sustainable therapy starts with comfort and connectivity in every way. Keeping patients engaged – and your team one step ahead.


But there are a number of obstacles that threaten success:


  • 30%-40% of PAP therapy patients are estimated to be non-adherent in the first 90 days1
  • 25% of patients require an adjustment to prescription pressures in the first 90 days1
  • Patients often find it hard to maintain therapy when traveling

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Philips offers solutions to help make life better 
at every stage of initiation and compliance:

Patient first night icon

Patient First Night

90 day compliance icon

90 Day Compliance

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Personalized Care and Management

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Long-term Usage and Engagement

We’re ceaselessly refining and redesigning our industry-leading sleep and respiratory therapy. To be more integrated, for seamless intervention. To be naturally intuitive – and smart app-assisted – for effortless management by physicians and patients alike. To help patients achieve proper rhythm with each breath – the only way breathing should be. All to help redefine therapy success and drive the business of care delivery forward.

Featured solutions

Mask selector

Mask Selector


Promotes ongoing usage by providing a personalized mask recommendation – so a suboptimal fit doesn’t stand in the way of compliance


  • Patients report being more confident they will continue using their recommended mask when set up with Mask Selector2
  • Patients are more likely to continue using their recommended mask2

Patient Adherence Management System (PAMS)

Patient Adherence Management System (PAMS)


Takes the work off your shoulders to motivate and coach patients through their initial 90-day acclimation period.


  • Helps increase adherence by 49%, on average3
  • 79.5% of all PAMS patients meet the 90-day CMS compliance guidelines4




A personalized tracking tool that keeps patients informed and connected, so they can stay committed to their therapy.


  • The #1 downloaded and top-rated PAP therapy adherence app
  • Helps you empower your patients to take charge of their sleep therapy
  • Patients on DreamMapper achieved compliance faster than 90 days5
  • 22% more adherence when using DreamMapper*
  • Frees up your team’s time to see more new patients, as well as manage those who may need extra attention

Care orchestrator

Care Orchestrator


Offers enhanced connected capabilities to the entire care team, so they can work together to manage patients remotely, in perfect harmony.


  • Monitor, qualify, and assess patient condition – all from a single screen
  • Remotely change advanced therapy and comfort features
  • Access data from any Philips-connected device, at virtually any time, from anywhere
  • Enables you to prioritize the use of resources on those who need them most




Provides non-invasive and effective sleep therapy for positional OSA patients, to promote ongoing adherence.


  • A compact, easy-to-use, palm-sized device that’s worn comfortably and discreetly across the chest
  • Uses gentle vibrations to prompt patients to change sleeping positions without disturbing their sleep6,7
  • >70% of patients using NightBalance reported feeling less sleepy and more refreshed during the day8
  • Adherence with NightBalance was significantly higher than PAP in patients with positional OSA9

DreamStation 2 Advanced

DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced


Helps support long-term patient use with personalized comfort features and tools for ongoing compliance.  ​

  • Ramp Plus lets patients choose a comfortable starting pressure to fall asleep ​
  • Care Orchestrator provides actionable patient insights and helps you anticipate and resolve most patient concerns, and offers on-demand prescription changes​
  • DreamMapper helps patients stay motivated and keep track of their therapy

DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go


Helps patients extend the benefits of therapy, wherever the road may lead.


  • Made for easy travel, with a built-in power supply for increased portability
  • Features the smallest and lightest tubing ever offered by Philips, to improve freedom of movement while patients sleep
  • A built-in USB charging port provides easy charging of cell phones or other devices, for added convenience

We're empowering key aspects of OSA care to be as low-touch, low-cost, and low-labor as possible -- to give providers the tools they need to drive patient compliance and refine the operations of care delivery.


This, in turn, will free you to reach more patients, and simply do more, to realize healthcare’s highest promise.

See how we’re here to help you simplify the complexities of OSA care, every step of the way:

Long term

Patient Initiation and ongoing sleep therapy compliance

*In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of approximately 15,000 SystemOne patients, patients who used SleepMapper, which has been rebranded to DreamMapper, demonstrated 22% greater adherence to the therapy than patients who did not use SleepMapper.

When compared to Philips Respironics 22mm performance tubing head-to-head, incentivized trial, of DreamStation 15mm tubing vs. DreamStation 12mm micro-flexible tubing, 2016 (n=31).




1. 2020 Analysis of 41,703 US Care Orchestrator patients.

2. Data analysis after 90 days of use. Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=310; n=253 completed questionnaire). Patients scanned using the Mask Selector (n=118) vs. traditional fitting methods (n=135).

3. Retrospective study using 2014 -2016 EncoreAnywhere data from Home Care Providers using PAMS for at least six months. Adherence measured by CMS Compliance guidelines - minimum of 4 hours of use over 70% of the nights during a consecutive 30 day period within the first 90 days of use.

4. PAMS White Paper. CMS Compliance definition - minimum of 4 hours of use over 70% of the nights during a consecutive 30 day period within the first 90 days of use.

5. White paper – DreamMapper: A mobile application and website to engage sleep apnea patients in PAP therapy and improve adherence to treatment.

6. van Maanen et al. 2013, The sleep position trainer: a new treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnoea.

7. Eijsvogel et al. 2015, Sleep Position Trainer versus Tennis Ball Technique in Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

8. Dutch Apnea Society (Apneuvereniging) survey based on 75 NightBalance users for an average of 2.2 years; 2017.

9. Berry RB, et al, NightBalance Sleep Position Treatment Device versus Auto-adjusting Positive Airway Pressure for Treatment of Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Accepted Papers, 2/27/2019.

10. C-Flex was clinically shown to increase nightly usage by 1 hour and 42 minutes compared to traditional CPAP therapy.

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