Sleep positional therapy

NightBalance Lunoa

A mask-free solution for positional obstructive sleep apnea  

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NightBalance Lunoa product

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NightBalance Lunoa product

Interested in financing?

NightBalance Lunoa product with band and case

NightBalance Lunoa is a clinically proven, mask-free solution that helps you stay in a side-sleeping position to reduce breathing disturbances during your positional sleep therapy. A more comfortable way to a good night’s sleep.
Woman sleeping on her back

On your back

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder characterized by repeated interruptions in breathing, called apneas, throughout the sleep cycle.


If these apneas happen twice as often when you’re sleeping on your back, you have positional obstructive sleep apnea. The good news is that this kind of sleep apnea has its own treatment options, including gentle, mask-free therapy to help keep you off your back and onto your side while you sleep. 3

Man sleeping on side

Introducing NightBalance Lunoa

NightBalance Lunoa is a clinically proven therapy for positional OSA which has been found to be non-inferior to PAP therapy4. It is a palm-sized, compact and discreet device that is worn comfortably across the chest in a soft, adjustable belt under your nightclothes. During your sleep, it delivers auto-customized, gentle vibrations that prompt you to move off of your back.

100% mask-free

delivers gentle vibrations on your chest to prompt you to move off of your back without disturbing your sleep.1,2

Let us help you

Contacting your physician for a copy of your prescription makes the process simple for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Contact us within 30 days of delivery for your money back, if you're not satisfied.

Up to 47% of people

with obstructive sleep apnea may actually have the sub- set called positional obstructive sleep apnea.6
Getting ready for bed

Is this right for me?

Are you suffering from positional OSA but cannot tolerate PAP treatment? Are you finding it unbearable to use a mask, leaving you with dry mouth or nose irritations? If yes, NightBalance Lunoa might be the answer for you. Patients using NightBalance Lunoa found it to be more comfortable, easier to use and are significantly more adherent to it than to PAP therapy. Wake up refreshed to a better, more comfortable night’s sleep with NightBalance Lunoa.
Happy couple in the morning

Gradual adjustment to therapy

Your therapy begins with two nights of monitoring. On the third night, Philips NightBalance Lunoa slowly starts to introduce quiet, mild vibrations that encourage your body  to change position. The small device is compact, discreet and easy to wear under any nightclothes. Its quiet vibrations are designed to help you sleep in a healthy position.
Quiet therapy for you and your partner

Designed to go anywhere you go

Tailored for people on the move, the small, lightweight Philips NightBalance Lunoa comes with a travel case that enables the device and all of its accessories to be easily packed and transported for off-site use. The Docking Station can be used anywhere while you are traveling; it will upload your data whenever you have cellular coverage again.
Monitor your progress

Track and share your progress

NightBalance Lunoa captures detailed information about your sleep behaviors and response to therapy. This information is uploaded via a cellular chip when you dock your device, giving you and your care-providers data for tracking your daily progress.

Adjust to your therapy

The NightBalance Lunoa uses an Adaptation Program to let you gradually adjust to POSA therapy.

For the first 2 nights, the device monitors your sleeping behavior with no therapy.
During nights 3-9, vibrations are gradually introduced over time to allow you to acclimate to the new POSA therapy.
On day 10 and forward, full treatment is delivered when therapy is needed – reducing the time spent sleeping on your back.(5)

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