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Finally the freedom you've been waiting for. 

SimplyGo Mini is a breakthrough in lightweight portable oxygen therapy. From a walk in the park to a weekend away with friends, SimplyGo Mini's reliable performance and stylish look could be just what you need to get back to living life your way, with confidence.  

Therapy options

  • Monitoring


    Take greater control of your life and therapy with measurements that can provide you useful information about your condition.

  • Spacers


    A spacer is a chamber that attaches to your inhaler and supports medication delivery into your lungs.

  • Muscle training

    Muscle training

    Using a muscle trainer can improve your breath strength, exercise tolerance and quality of life.

  • Compressor nebulizer systems

    Compressor nebulizer systems

    Nebulizers deliver your medication where it's needed most - your lungs. Many medications begin to work much quicker as a result.

  • Oxygen


    Oxygen therapy can help reduce shortness of breath, make you feel better and allow you to remain active longer.

  • Ventilation


    Philips Respironics COPD ventilation solutions can help reduce the burden and breathe for you. Learn more about COPD AVAPS therapy & COPD ventilation therapy.

  • Airway clearance

    Airway clearance

    Coughing is the body’s way of clearing mucus from the lungs. If you can no longer cough you may benefit from using an airway clearance device.

Patient stories


Discover how to confidently manage your COPD by maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle – read how people at every stage of the disease have used different therapies and techniques to manage their COPD.

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