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    Oral and overall health

    The importance of good oral health is gaining increasing attention as we learn more about the connections between oral and overall health. Numerous studies have revealed links between periodontal diseases and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among others.1, 2

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    You can help your patients learn about the connection between oral health and whole body health. Download the range of our oral systemic brochures, which will give your patients more information on how poor oral health can impact their heart, pregnancy and the association between poor oral health and diabetes.

    Educational resources for your patients

    Get free materials to share with your patients to help them maintain healthy habits at home.

    Printed materials – call (800) 422-9448 to request


    Oral health + diabetes

    Oral health + pregnancy

    Oral health + heart health

    Downloadable digital assets


    Oral health + diabetes

    Oral health + pregnancy

    Oral health + heart health

    Facebook/Instagram assets

    Oral health + diabetes

    Oral health + pregnancy

    Oral health + heart health

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    Oral health + systemic health

    Philips CARE

    Patient assessment tool

    The Philips CARE tool can help you screen patients to assess their risk levels for periodontal disease and provide treatment options. To learn more, visit the Philips CARE page.

    Expert videos

    Insights from industry leaders

    Philips hosts oral health symposiums to help dental pros stay updated on the latest research in oral healthcare. Explore our videos of key opinion leaders and industry experts sharing their knowledge on the connection between oral health and overall health. 


    1. Dietrich T, Garcia RI. Associations between periodontal disease and systemic disease: Evaluating the strength of the evidence. J.

        Periodontol 2005;76:2175-2184.
    2. Barnett ML. The oral-systemic disease connection. An update for the practicing dentist. J AM Dent Assoc 2006: 137 (suppl): 5S-6S.

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