Oral and overall health

Oral and overall health

The importance of good oral health is gaining increasing attention as we learn more about the connections between oral and overall health. Numerous studies have revealed linkages between periodontal diseases* and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among others1,2.

It's about more
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May serious illnesses may be
associated with your oral health


Pre-term birth

Heart disease


You can get involved and help your patients Think Mouth, Think health. Download the range of our oral systemic brochures, which will give your patients more information on how poor oral health can impact their heart, pregnancy and the association between poor oral health and diabetes

Do you know about the link between oral health and diabetes?

Is poor oral health affecting your pregnancy?

Can poor oral health impact your heart?

Symposium presenters and research

"Periodontal diseases will continue to be associated with risk factors for stroke and stroke itself"

Periodontal diseases may cause local and systemic inflammation,and growing evidence proposes that periodontal infection may belinked to an increase in atherosclerosis-induced conditions, such as stroke. Mounting evidence suggests that treatment and preventionof periodontitis may result in the reduction of this risk.

Dr. Souvik Sen


Dr. Steven Offenbacher

Periodontitis and

pregnancy outcomes


Dr. Souvik Sen

Periodontal diseases
and strokes


Dr. Purnima Kumar

Tobacco and the
oral microbiome: A smoking gun


Jo-Anne Jones

HPV – Implications
for dentistry


Dr. Brian Novy

Sleeping with Streptococcus



Dr. Chip Whitney

Medical-dental collaboration


Dr. Robert Weyant

Adverse pregnancy outcomes


Betsy Reynolds

Sleeping with Streptococcus


Dr. Charl Els

Treating tobacco use and addiction

Tools to support you

Philips CARE

The importance of improving and maintaining optimal oral health needs to be emphasized to patients, and the Philips CARE tool can help you screen patients to assess their risk levels for periodontal disease and provide treatment options. To learn more about the CARE Tool, please see the video and links below.


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1. Dietrich T, Garcia RI. Associations between periodontal disease and systemic disease: Evaluating the strength of the evidence. J.

    Periodontol 2005;76:2175-2184.
2. Barnett ML. The oral-systemic disease connection. An update for the practicing dentist. J AM Dent Assoc 2006: 137 (suppl): 5S-6S.

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