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Behavior change

Empower patients to reach their oral care goals

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Guide patients on the path to health

Created in partnership with BJ Fogg, PhD and hygienists, our latest materials use advances in behavioral science to equip patients with methods to build habits that stick.

Behavior change introduced in the chair and continued at home

Help patients make new habits stick with the Tiny Habits® method, developed by BJ Fogg, PhD

The number 1.

Small changes for big impact

To help patients wire in new habits, have them start with small actions. Over time, even the smallest actions can add up to a major difference!

The number 2.

Find a good spot in the day

Tell patients to find an existing  routine (something they do daily) that can prompt their new habit. With a little practice, they’ll quickly learn the new sequence of actions.

The number 3.

Associate with a positive feeling

Patients can wire in the new habit by associating positive emotions with the action, even if it’s just a smile in the mirror or words of affirmation. That’s what turns a behavior into a habit.

Practice resources

Pre-appointment questionnaire displayed on a clipboard

Pre-appointment questionnaire

Meet patients where they’re at to determine their at-home routine and goals.

Digital Path to Health chairside guide displayed on a pair of tablets.

Digital chairside guide

Support chairside conversations with a patient-friendly visual aid.

A notepad flipping to the next page.

Take home notes

Give patients personal, easy-to-digest guidance.

Healthy Habits mirror sticker laying on a flat surface.

Healthy Habits notecard

Provide patients with a way to make your recommended treatment stick.

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Empower patients

Patient education resources

Explore materials designed to help address a range of specific oral care needs like caries, periodontitis and more.

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Systemic health

Oral health and the connected body

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