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Empower patients to achieve gingival health

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Improving gingival health

Keeping gingivitis in check with Sonicare

Philips Sonicare solutions are designed to maximize biofilm removal and minimize the risk for gingival disease.

Evidence-based results

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Up to 100% less gingival inflammation in just 2 weeks using an ExpertClean power toothbrush1

1 In Gum Health mode, vs. a manual toothbrush

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Up to 7x less gingival bleeding vs. a manual toothbrush using an ExpertClean power toothbrush, for healthier and stronger gingiva2

2 In Gum Health mode vs a manual toothbrush at 2 weeks; measured by GBI

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Power Flosser is up to 130% more effective than interdental brushes in improving gingival health3

3 When used with Quad Stream nozzle on setting 10 with a manual toothbrush in patients with moderate to severe gingivitis vs. using manual toothbrush with interdental brush

Home care solutions for improving gingival health

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Tools beyond the tray

Patient education for gingivitis

Materials to guide patients on their gum care journey.

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Provide recommendations for improving gingival health

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Laminated chairside guide

Educate patients about strong gingival care

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Digital chairside guide

Educate patients about strong gingival care

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Email template

Remind patients about gingival care tips after their appointment

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Social media assets

Inform patients that you have resources to help manage gingivitis

The impact on overall health

Gingivitis may permit invasive oral microorganisms the opportunity to potentially spread through the body, contributing to systemic health issues.*

*Aleksejuniene J, Holst D, Eriksen HM, Gjermo P. Psychosocial stress, lifestyle, and periodontal health. J Clin Periodontol 2002; 29: 326-335

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Practice resources

Explore a range of patient-facing materials for educational and marketing use.

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