Brush Heads for Patient Needs
Philips Sonicare brush heads aligned on a countertop

Philips Sonicare brush heads

The right brush head for every patient need

Proven to deliver effective results

Premium All-in-One (A3)

Premium All-in-One (A3)

For patients who have multiple oral care issues such as plaque buildup, gingivitis or staining.

Premium Plaque Control (C3)

Premium Plaque Control (C3)

For patients with imperfect brushing technique and plaque buildup.

Premium Gum Care (G3)

Premium Gum Care (G3)

For patients with poor gingival health and imperfect brushing technique.

InterCare brush head

InterCare (I)

For patients with interdental plaque buildup.

Sensitive brush head

Sensitive (S)

For patients with sensitive teeth and gums who need extra-gentle cleaning.

Optimal Gum Care (G2)

Optimal Gum Care (G2)

For patients who need gentle plaque removal to improve gum health.

Sonicare brush head

Sonicare For Kids Standard

For young patients learning healthy oral care habits.

Sonicare kids brush head

Sonicare For Kids Compact

For the youngest patients beginning their oral care journey.

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Equipped with BrushSync technology

Using RFID technology, the handle and brush head sync to automatically select the optimal mode and intensity level for exceptional results.

Brush head replacement reminders

Brush head icon

Three different indicators prompt patients to replace their brush heads after three months

1. Replacement alert on the handle (not available on the Sonicare 2300)

2. Replacement alert on the Philips Sonicare app (only available on connected brushes)

3. Blue bristles fade to white within 3 months of normal use

Clinical studies

Access the latest evidence-based research

Gingival margin probe


Evaluating the effects of Philips Sonicare post SRP in patients with stage I/II periodontitis

Close up of brush head

Gingival health and plaque removal

Prestige with All-in-One brush head vs. manual toothbrush

Patient being shown DiamondClean

Gingival health

Reduction in gingivitis and plaque of DiamondClean Smart vs. Oral-B Genius 8000

Showing patient screen

Empower patients

Patient education resources for a range of oral care needs

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Sonicare power toothbrushes

Better brushing, every patient, every time

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Advanced, effective interproximal cleaning

Zoom! whitening solutions arranged together


Safe and effective professional teeth whitening

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Frequently asked questions

Are Philips Sonicare brush heads gentle?

All Philips Sonicare brush heads are masterfully engineered slightly differently, to suit the different oral healthcare needs of our users. No matter what brush head your patient’s use, their technique, the frequency in which they brush and the duration of how long they brush for will have the greatest positive impact on their oral healthcare outcome. 

How should my patient’s clean their Philips Sonicare brush head?

Bacteria can build up just about anywhere, including on your patient’s brush head. To keep their brush head clean of food particles, they should rinse it with hot water after they brush. Inform them to store it somewhere where it can dry completely, and ideally not touching other brush heads. 

What brush heads does Philips Sonicare offer?

Every human has a unique set of teeth, so it’s only logical that people have different oral health needs. We offer brush heads that are not only brilliant at removing plaque, but that also cater to all types of additional brushing needs. From whitening and reducing sensitivity, to cleaning between your patient’s teeth and improving gum health; whatever the focus is, we have the right brush head for your patient’s needs. Our brush heads are compatible and interchangeable with any snap-on rechargeable Philips Sonicare toothbrush, so they can simply click on the one that suits them best. 


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