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    effective safe professional take home whitening

    Effective and safe professional take-home whitening

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    Fully customizable for every patient’s needs

    day white

    DayWhite (hydrogen peroxide)

    DayWhite 14% HP

    (30 min/day)

    day white 14 cp

    DayWhite 9.5% HP 

    (30-60 min/day)

    day white 9.5 hp

    DayWhite 6% HP

    (30-90 min/day)

    day white 6 cp
    day white

    NiteWhite (carbamid peroxide)

    NiteWhite 22% CP

    (2-4 hrs/overnight)

    day white 22 cp

    NiteWhite 16% CP

    (2-4 hrs/overnight)

    nite white 16 cp

    NiteWhite 10% CP

    (2-4 hrs/overnight)

    nite white 10 cp
    power of three formula

    The only take-home formula with the Power of Three

    It’s more than teeth whitening. Specially formulated gels protect enamel, reduce sensitivity and help improve tooth luster.


    syringe technology

    Keep ingredients separated until application to deliver the freshest formula each time.

    refigeration image

    Provides full strength with no refrigeration required

    dosage indicators

    Dosage indicators prevent patients from overfilling trays and help them use the right amount of gel 

    dual barrel syringe technology

    Real patients, real whitening results 

    david watch the story

    David, 49

    His treatment:
    NiteWhite 10% CP

    13 shades whitened

    I actually noticed a difference the very first time.

    david watch the story

    Rosa, 26

    Her treatment: 

    NiteWhite 22% CP

    5 shades whitened

    I’m more confident and that just feels so much better.

    dr marc lazare
    Philips Zoom safely delivers superior results for any patient budget and preference.

    Dr. Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.

    New York, NY

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