Periodontal Disease Treatment
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Helping patients manage periodontitis

Evidence-based results

Effects of Philips Sonicare on perio patients

In a six-month clinical study, Philips Sonicare was clinically proven to improve gingival health better than manual toothbrushes in patients with stage I/II periodontitis post nonsurgical treatment.*

* When both used in combination with treatment and management by a dental professional.

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Discussing periodontitis

Hear dental professionals discuss the impact of Sonicare on periodontitis.

Benefits for patients managing periodontitis*

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Up to 15x more patients converted to “healthy” gingivitis status1

1 Per AAP/EFP, compared to manual toothbrush after 3 months of use

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Up to 93% of patients had reduced bleeding by 20% or more2

2 After 6 months post SRP using Sonicare

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Up to 90x more patients had improved/reduced pocket depth3

3 After 6 months post SRP using Sonicare (vs. manual toothbrush)

*When using a Sonicare DiamondClean Smart handle with a G3 brush head in Gum Care mode in combination with SRP and managed by a dental professional.

DiamondClean Smart: Designed for gingival care

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Tools beyond the tray

Patient education for periodontitis

Materials to guide patients on their periodontitis management journey.

An open brochure about periodontitis


Provide recommendations for managing periodontitis

The front and back of a chairside guide about periodontitis

Laminated chairside guide

Educate patients about stages of periodontitis

An infographic about the effects of Philips Sonicare on periodontitis


Show perio patients the benefits of using Sonicare solutions

A dental professional showing a patient a chairside guide on a tablet

Digital chairside guide

Educate patients about the stages of periodontitis

A patient reading an email about periodontitis on their laptop

Email template

Remind patients about perio management after their appointment

A hand holding a phone showing a social media post about periodontitis

Social media assets

Inform patients that you have resources to help manage periodontitis

The impact on overall health

Periodontal disease may create an oral wound that permits invasive oral microorganisms the opportunity to potentially spread through the body via the cardiovascular system.

*Han YW, Wang X. Mobile microbiome: Oral bacteria in extra-oral infections and​inflammation. J Dent Res 2013; 92: 485-491

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Practice resources

Explore a range of patient-facing materials for educational and marketing use.

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