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    See how Philips Sonicare offered significant benefits to patients managing periodontitis.

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    See how Philips Sonicare offered significant benefits to patients managing periodontitis.

    New clinical study: Effects of Sonicare in perio patients

    In a six-month clinical study, Philips Sonicare was clinically proven to improve gingival health better than manual toothbrushes in patients with stage I/II periodontitis post nonsurgical treatment.*

    *when both used in combination with treatment and management by a dental professional

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    Patient materials about periodontitis

    Looking for resources to inform and educate patients who are managing periodontal disease? Get these free materials to guide them on their periodontitis management journey.

    Printed materials – call (800) 422-9448 to request

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    Chairside guide, print version

    Chairside Guide

    The impact on overall health

    Periodontal disease may create an oral wound that permits invasive oral microorganisms the opportunity to potentially spread through the body via the cardiovascular system.1

    Learn how periodontal diseases may be linked to your patients’ overall health.

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    DiamondClean Smart: Designed for gingival care

    brush head

    Premium Gum Care brush head

    Extra-soft edge bristles target biofilm at the gumline.

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    Gentle on gums

    Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart glides easily along the gumline so your patients don’t scrub.

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    Gum health mode

    The optimal mode and intensity setting to clean your gums gently yet effectively, with special attention to molars.

    Patient assessment tool

    The Philips CARE tool can help you screen patients to assess their risk levels for periodontal disease and provide treatment options. To learn more, visit the Philips CARE page.

    Philips CARE
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