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Essential patient information – delivered right on your desktop

Introducing Philips Care Orchestrator Essence, an interactive software portal for the viewing of patient therapy data. CO Essence is a desktop-based solution designed to allow clinicians the ability to interact with therapy data, and quickly locate areas of interest, to support fast and efficient care for sleep apnea and respiratory patients.

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With CO Essence, users can remotely assess certain patient data1 to help identify patients who have experienced a change and may need extra attention. Plus, it allows the ability to manage a patient’s prescription through the use of an SD memory card. Users can also view and monitor the devices assigned to individual patients. CO Essence works with most Philips sleep therapy and NIV devices, and operates “offline” and independent of a cloud-based environment.
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Easy to use

CO Essence has been designed with the needs of the end-user. Vital patient information (waveforms, trends, usage patterns, summary statistics and oximetry data) is displayed in a clear, easy to navigate User Interface (UI). The software provides the ability to toggle deep into detailed clinical information for a particualr patient, or take a bird’s eye view to quickly monitor and manage entire groups of patients at-home.
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Combined performance

CO Essence replaces three (3) individual software applications (DirectView, EncoreBasic, EncorePro) with a single software solution. And with functionality powered by advanced technology, CO Essence provides performance that care teams can rely on.
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“Care Orchestrator Essence consolidates the functions of three existing legacy products, giving our customers a single comprehensive solution that supports the majority of our sleep apnea and respiratory care therapy devices.”

– Kevin Erdner, Product Manager Philips Encore

Key ventilation parameters, alarm data, device performance and patient usage