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Masks that let you sleep anyway you want,1-3

Philips DreamWear

About Philips DreamWear

The DreamWear system of masks with the “no hose nose” design lets you sleep how you want. It is like wearing nothing at

Buying online and insurance

Buying CPAP and supplies online is easy. Learn more about insurance reimbursement while buying online.

Check your mask size

Find tools and directions to help you determine the right size mask for a comfort fit.

 Mask fit and
 quality sleep

Mask fit and comfort are crucial for a good night’s sleep. Familiarize yourself with how to assemble the mask, wear it correctly and when to replace it.

radical design

What makes Philips DreamWear unique?

No matter which cushion you choose, DreamWear’s minimalistic design is the closest thing to wearing nothing at all1-3. DreamWear is a sleep apnea mask that was radically redesigned with patient comfort top of mind.

Traditional Masks

Restricted movement

- Can't sleep on side or stomach


Cumbersome tubing

- Reduces intimacy with bed partner


Limited line of sight

- Can't read or watch television before bed


Fit issues and slip issues

- Less effective therapy

DreamWear Masks

Top-of-the-head hose design1-3

- Sleep in any position you want, even on your side or stomach


No hose nose1-3

- Sleep closer to your bed partner


Enjoy your nighttime routine1-3

- Wear glasses, read or watch television before bed


Unique slip-resistant design5-6

- Fewer leaks and quality sleep

Discover how DreamWear helped Cheryl, Ron and Brent achieve a good night’s sleep.


Adhering to CPAP therapy is challenging and the DreamWear system of CPAP masks7 are designed to help you get the most satisfying sleep possible.  Ask your physician or sleep therapist about DreamWear today.


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The Philips DreamWear Nasal mask is the most comfortable mask I've ever worn.

video thumnail image - click to play video

The DreamWear full face mask is different than any other mask I have tried.

video thumnail image - click to play video

They finally found the right place to put the hose.

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With the DreamWear head gear and the silicone pillows, what stuck out with me most was just the comfort and how well it sealed.

*People featured in videos are paid endorsers

Check your mask size


Comfort with the mask is a crucial factor in adjusting to your therapy. Below tools will help you figure out the right size mask.

5 steps for a comfort fit


1. Print the Adobe PDF File at 100% on your printer. Use the print accuracy check at right to ensure printing at the proper size.


2. Fold the bottom part of this page on the dashed line.


3. Cut along the dotted line around the fitting gauge.


4. Place the fitting gauge on your nose as shown in the picture below.


5. When the outer edge of your nostrils and tip of your nose contact the fitting gauge that is an appropriate size. (S - Small, M - Medium, MW - Medium wide or L - Large)

Confused about mask size? Try a FitPack


 A FitPack is a bundle, i.e., a mask with all three sizes of cushions-small, medium and large.

Replacing your mask

Replacing your equipment is an important part of being successful with your sleep therapy. Since masks are disposable, periodic replacement is needed when the mask shows signs of wear and tear.

Mask comfort is crucial for adherence
Do not overtighten your mask to compensate for wear and tear. Overtightening can cause discomfort.

Full Face Mask Fitting Video

Full face mask video

Silicone Pillows Fitting Video

Silicone Pillows Fitting Video

When should you replace your mask?

1.  It has leaks caused by seal deterioration in the mask

2.  It does not fit properly

3.  It is damaged by improper cleaning

4.  It has signs of aging or damage

Check with your homecare provider regarding replacement options through your insurance policy.

The DreamWear portfolio

Choose nasal

DreamWear Nasal

In clinical trials, here’s how users described the DreamWear Nasal mask as compared to their prescribed mask:


  • More freedom of movement1
  • More comfortable1
  • Easier to use1
  • Like wearing nothing at all1

Choose gel pillows

DreamWear Silicone Pillows 


In clinical trials, here is how users described the DreamWear Silicone Pillows mask as compared to their prescribed mask:


  • Easier to choose any sleep position3
  • More secure fit and seal6
  • Less discomfort on face, nose and nostrils3

Choose full face

DreamWear Full face

In clinical trials, here is how users described the DreamWear Full face mask as compared to their prescribed mask:


  • More satisfied with how well it stays in place with they sleep
  • Innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge
  • Preferred for fit and comfort over other leading full-face masks

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Change search radius

Cash buy and insurance reimbursement

Insurance coverage exists

Your CPAP supplies are covered by Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, as long as a physician determines that you require PAP therapy and subject to the payor’s replacement schedules. You may also buy at your local home care provider who accepts insurance and Medicare.

Cash buy is another viable option


CPAP supplies can be bought online with cash and reimbursed later.

1.  Find your claim form and complete it with your insurer’s requirements. If your insurer’s form is not shown, please contact your insurer directly.

2.  Follow the insurer’s instructions and submit all the documents. Find mask codes here if needed for the form.


3.  Reimbursement decisions and timing are always dependent on your insurance provider.

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DreamStation sleep therapy system

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Frequently asked questions

My headgear slips, how can I fix it?

We have enhanced our headgear for both the DreamWear Nasal and the DreamWear Silicone pillows masks with DreamWear headgear with arms.  It not only reduces slippage but also improves the overall stability of the mask.  See your favorite home healthcare equipment provider to purchase.

My DreamWear mask leaks, how can I fix it?

DreamWear nasal comes in 3 frames & 4 cushion sizes.  If you are experiencing leaks with the mask, contact your local homecare provider to try a smaller frame & / or cushion size. 


Additionally, we have also launched an updated slip resistant headgear with arms which may improve mask seal & overall stability.

I have the updated slip resistant headgear with arms, do I need to buy a new mask?

The updated slip-resistant DreamWear headgear with arms will work with your current DreamWear Nasal or Silicone pillows mask. It connects to the existing loops on the mask frame. You do not need a new mask to use this headgear unless recommended by your homecare provider.

How do I know I am putting on the headgear with arms correctly?

For easy orientation note the L & R symbol on the arms. Loop the tab with the L symbol through the left side loop on the frame and R on the right side. Once correctly assembled the L&R symbols will face outwards, DreamWear logo on the fabric will be on the right & Philips Respironics logo will be on the back of the headgear. 


You can also watch the “how to size & assemble the mask” video on YouTube.


Please refer to the instruction for use for more detailed information regarding the use of your device

I like my all fabric headgear, where can I get that?

The all fabric headgear is also available for use on DreamWear Nasal & Silicone Pillows mask, please contact your local homecare provider for more details.

With the tubing right next to the ear, will DreamWear Full Face be noisier than other masks?

From a sound level perspective, the DreamWear Full face mask is a quiet full-face mask. However, since the airflow is located closer to the ears with this design and not routing downward in front, some people may notice the airflow noise more than a traditional mask. For most users, the experience is quiet and comfortable with the unique design offering more freedom of movement. However, since this is such a different design, it may take some people some time to get used to the difference in the noise. It’s not louder, simply different.

If a person lays on their side and closes off one side of the tubing, will the mask still provide therapy? Will it create a pressure spike?

The mask will continue to provide the prescribed therapy. Every other mask on the market operates with one tube running to the cushion and this mask operates in the same way. No increase of pressure or noise will occur. 

There are 3 sizes of frames. How do I choose the right size?

Always start with the medium frame. If the mask is too small, the frame will sit too close to the eyes. If the mask is too big, it will sit too close to the ears. Please refer to the quick start guide or instructions manual for pictures and a thorough description. In most cases, it will be obvious if a different size frame is needed. However, if there are leaks at night or the mask seems to move too much, a different size frame and/or cushion should be tried. 

What are the cushion sizes? Does it size the same as DreamWear under the nose nasal cushions? Does it size the same as Amara View?

DreamWear Full Face cushions come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and medium-wide. The full face cushion, while covering both the nose and mouth, is sized based on the nasal opening, just like the under-the- nose cushions. The nasal opening is the exact same design and shape as the DreamWear under the nose cushion which means, there is a direct correlation between DreamWear full face and DreamWear under-the-nose sizing – a medium in the full face is a medium in the nasal, etc. However, the DreamWear full face nasal opening is a different design and shape than the Amara View opening and the two masks size differently.


Therefore, there is not a direct correlation between DreamWear full face and Amara View.

How can you tell the difference between cushion and frame sizes?

The cushion indicator is on the front of the cushion next to the arrow that points to the arrow on the frame for the connection. The frame size indicator is on the top of the frame behind the elbow connection. 

Why is it that a person measures one size on the sizing gauge but works better with another size cushion?

The sizing gauge is a guideline to indicate which cushion to start with.  However, it is only a guideline and will never be 100% accurate.  It is always best to start with the size suggested by the gauge but then fit for comfort if another cushion and frame size combination works better for you.

Philips Respironics now offers Mask Selector 3D and 2D tools.  Philips Respironics Mask Selector is rooted in science and data:

-Pioneering tool for achieving CPAP mask personalization

-Proprietary software based on over 10 years of facial scanning research for mask design

-Mask type, sizing and fitting algorithm built upon a wide range of ethnicities and geographies

-Ask your home healthcare equipment provider if they are a certified provider of this service.

Is there a sizing gauge in the bag?

The sizing gauge is included with the mask in the bag and is part of the Quick Start Guide that is attached to the mask on the elbow.

How is DreamWear Full Face reimbursed?

DreamWear Full Face is reimbursed as a full face mask.



1. DreamWear Under The Nose: ​

Data analysis at 30 days of use of 2015 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=98). Prescribed masks include ResMed Swift FX, ResMed Mirage FX, Philips Wisp, and ResMed P10. ​


Data analysis at 10 days of use of 2019 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=81). Prescribed masks include ResMed Airfit N10, N20, Mirage Fx, Philips Wisp, Pico, ComfortGel Blue, F&P Eson & Eson 2 ​


2. DreamWear Full Face:​

Data analysis of Aug 2017 Patient Preference trial where n = 85 and prescribed masks include Resmed Airfit F10 and F20, Respironics Amara View and F&P Simplus.​


3. DreamWear Silicone Pillows:​

Analysis after 30 day of use during Jul/Aug 2020. Pillows preference trial with n = 127. Prescribed maskes include ResMed Airfit PIO, P30i, Swift Fx, F&P Brevida, Philips DeamWear Gel Pillows, Nuance / Pro.


4. Design claim - The design of the mask is such that it does not contact the nasal bridge.


5. Patient Preference study with DreamWear Nasal with original headgear users; (n=140), Jan/March 2019, at 30 days versus the original DreamWear nasal mask headgear. Original headgear refers to the slit headgear design on DreamWear UTN nasal mask.


6. Fit & Seal tested individual. Analysis after 30 day of use during Jul/Aug 2020/ Pillows preference trial with n = 127. Prescribed masks include ResMed Airfit PIO, P30i, Swift Fx, F&P Brevida, Philips DreamWear Gel Pillows, Nuance / Pro.


7. Switching from Nasal or Silicone pillows cushion to a Full face cushion requires different headgear and instructions and may result in additional cost. Consumers must consult their provider before making adjustments.


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