Philips Zoom
Ultimate Protocol

Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol
For patients with severe tooth discoloration, a confident smile might not always come naturally. Reveal brighter, healthier teeth and help create happy patients with Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol. The innovative pairing of Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed chairside whitening and Philips Zoom NiteWhite take-home treatment produces maximum whitening results, with an average improvement of 11 shades.* It’s a powerful, safe option for dramatic whitening from the brand trusted by patients.
Superior results for the toughest stains

Superior results for the toughest stains

The Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol consists of four 15-minute Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed sessions, followed by two to four take-home treatments of Philips Zoom NiteWhite Maximum white to achieve your patient's desired whitening results.
Case study success

Case study success

In a case study, nine patients experienced an average improvement of 11 VITA shades,* and two patients achieved 14 shades whiter, from the Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol. Watch the video for more details.


* Case study may not be representative of results. Actual results may vary.

A Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol success story


“With one of our case study patients, I don’t think he realized how happy he was going to be until the process was over. When he first started whitening it was more about his wife wanted him to do it. At the end I could tell he was impressed with how white his teeth got and also the response he got from people. His teeth are noticeably whiter."

 – Dr. Gerard Kugel, D.M.D., M.S., Ph.D, Boston, MA

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For procedure instructions and a specific overview of the Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol, call us at (800) 422-9448.

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