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Actiware is a flexible and powerful software package that allows users to easily configure and retrieve recorded activity data from all Actiwatch models in addition to data management, analysis and export. Actiware and Actiwatch work together to provide a comprehensive actigraphy system designed to meet your need to collect quality objective activity, sleep, and disturbed sleep datas.

Actiware software  

Analyze, manage, and export recorded activity data from all Actiwatch models. View long-term sleep/wake patterns, activity, illuminance, and event markers in an easy-to-read actogram format.

Actiware upgrade available now

This version of Actiware 6.1.1 includes the following features and fixes:

  • Added capability to operate when Windows 10 FIPS mode is enabled
  • System password is required to log into Actiware
  • Five consecutive failed login attempts locks user out of Actiware for ten minutes
  • Actiware will logoff if idle for more than ten minutes
  • Removed the firmware upgrade wizard and functionality
  • Added disclaimer on the Clinician Report that it should not be used as a diagnostics tool
  • Fixed battery status indicator to correctly indicate 100% battery charge in Actiware
  • Allowed access to multiple users on the same machine that has Actiware
  • Improved performance in processing of large data sets of up to six months of data collection
  • Updated the system requirement to Windows 10, 32, and 64 bit
  • Updated the .net framework to version 4.6.2
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If you have technical questions or need product support, please contact us at: 1-800-685-2999

Note: This software update is currently available free of charge to registered customers.

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