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sleep apnea care

OSA in the USA

More than 22 million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and as many as 80 percent of sleep apnea patients in the U.S. remain undiagnosed.

Successfully managing sleep patients in today’s changing healthcare environment is more challenging and costly than ever. It has become increasingly important to make diagnosing complex sleep conditions more efficient, make therapy easier for patients to live with and make ongoing care more productive and cost-effective.

Recognizing the growing need for new and better solutions, we’ve taken an end-to-end approach to help establish healthier patients and healthier businesses for a changing world.


Learn more about our solutions for sleep apnea management.


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Sleep apnea therapy

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Examining sleep apnea

Examining sleep apnea
Help your patients understand what those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea live with every night.
Philips Respironics eCatalog

Philips Respironics offers innovative products for sleep and home respiratory care as well as medical education and value-added programs to help you navigate a rapidly changing industry landscape, and in the interest of maximizing both clinical and business success.


Medicare DME fee schedule information
This spreadsheet provides Medicare DME fee schedule information, by HCPCS code and by state, for Philips Respironics products. One spreadsheet is for sleep-related items while the other is for all Philips Respironics items. Each lists the floor and ceiling allowables for each item in addition to the state-specific rates.

Tools to help patients manage their sleep apnea therapy

Enable patients to take a more active role in their sleep apnea therapy.

Enable patients to take a more active role in their sleep apnea therapy.


With DreamMapper, patients may be better able to embrace their sleep therapy by using a mobile and web-based system designed to help them manage OSA.

    Alice Portable sleep diagnostic system

    Alice PDx

    • Good Study Indicator confirms quality data
    • Color-coded labels for intuitive patient setup
    • Optional ExG and ECG for level 2 testing
    Nuance Pillow mask

    Nuance Gel

    • Choice of frames for comfort and fewer red marks
    • No-slip headgear stays in place throughout the night
    • Gel pillows provide greater comfort and seal
    Amara Full face mask


    • Amara gel for exceptional seal and comfort
    • Amara silicone for an exceptionally light mask
    • Simple design for the right fit
    Wisp Minimal contact nasal mask


    • Compact design delivers a natural fit
    • Soft and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep
    • Open field of vision so patients can enjoy normal activities
    EncoreAnywhere Patient data management system


    • Automatic downloads to save time
    • Real-time data access reduces delays
    • My Day page for quick overview

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