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Philips Medical Cybersecurity Risk Management Service

Detecting and managing vulnerabilities and security risks for medical devices across the hospital network

Service and technology to secure both Philips and non- Philips medical devices through vulnerability assessment, risk prioritization, and remediation

Philips Medical Cybersecurity Risk Management service is designed to provide 24/7 monitoring of your active, networked medical devices (regardless of vendor). The service identifies security issues around antivirus, whitelisting, firewall, and OS patch level statuses for these devices. Vulnerability and risk assessment reporting leads to remediation recommendations and management, allowing for a robust operational healthcare environment.


Interconnected digital ecosystems have opened up many formerly closed-loop networks within hospital systems, bringing new risk exposure to medical devices. Closing these security loopholes and implementing safeguards must be an ongoing effort, conducted by cybersecurity experts, for you to stay one step ahead of active hackers.


Our Medical Device Cybersecurity Risk Management service identifies medical devices, detects vulnerabilities, provides risk prioritization, and coordinates corrective actions. We deploy the CyberMDX medical device aware network security tool to your network and manage it round the clock through the Philips medical Security Operations Center (mSOC) for ongoing cybersecurity risk management for your medical network.


*This service will be available for acquisition in North America market from 2021 onwards.


Vendor-neutral coverage

Visibility of vulnerability and risks

Assessment of compliance posture

Agentless, non-intrusive

24/7 risk assessment monitoring

Security events managed by mSOC

Granular device profiling/classification

Inventory visibility and tracking

Coordination of patches and upgrades

Dedicated support from Philips experts

Network security technology


Philips has partnered with CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider, to deliver visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks. We work with you to identify the network segments to be monitored and then assist with setup and installation of the CyberMDX Medical Device Aware network security tool. This tool senses or ‘sniffs’ information about active, connected medical devices – OEM, model, software profile, and configuration. 


Performance data offers the capacity to:

  • Gain full visibility into all multi-vendor connected devices by mapping and cataloging devices within the network, including location
  • Gain a clear risk assessment of connected assets
  • Prioritize actions based on asset criticality, the likelihood of an event, and fleet/environment impact of the event
  • Assess vulnerability parameters for unmanaged assets (as well as managed)
  • Expose Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Detect outdated software
  • Offer remediation recommendations – patching, virtual patching, segmentation


Access to this information is provided through a real- time dashboard for vulnerability status and compliance posture.

Expert professional services


Based on data collected from the CyberMDX tool, Philips security professionals create a comprehensive risk analysis of all your detected assets, critical vulnerabilities, credentials, and end-of-life/end-of- service operating systems. They also align assets to HIPAA compliance, track changes in inventory, and can detail violations of specific HIPAA Security Rules. This effort is repeated throughout the length of the agreement to maintain relevance. 


24/7 management of identified security events is handled by the experienced team at our medical Security Operations Center. In response to a detected attack, they work jointly with your IT swat team to take action to mitigate the threat. 


Philips also assigns a Remediation Manager who acts as point person for the following:


  • Monthly security posture reviews
  • Preparation and presentation of medical device remediation proposals
  • Remediation planning and progress reporting
  • Coordination of device remediation efforts (i.e. software patching)
  • Assessment and reporting of vulnerability remediation efficacy

“With 20+ years of knowledge and expertise in multi-vendor service, Philips will be your single point of contact for cybersecurity, addressing all your needs through recommendations and remediation management.”

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The services will only be available for delivery in NAM market in 2021 for selected Philips modalities.

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