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Yesterday and today: Telehealth comes of age




Banner health achieves 27% cost of care savings with Telehealth




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Hope and help for Veterans with PTSD and mTBI


Building confidence, independence, and pride for those with PTSD and mTBI is essential. Innovative, connected care solutions for rehabilitation can help.












Can a blood test be developed to assess mTBI?


How can we assess mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in its earliest stages to treat it more effectively? A simple blood test may be the answer.













Mobile MRI in Afghanistan to help soldiers with TBI 


Traumatic brain injury is a common and serious injury on the battlefield. With an MRI, clinicians can detect the condition early, sometimes even without outward signs of injury.













Telehealth increases access to care1


Providing access to care for US Veterans at hospitals and in their homes is a challenge shared by Medical and Network Directors. Telehealth and telemedicine can complement current VA programs.














VA’s BRAIN TRUST: Pathways to InnoVAtions, is designed to promote forward-thinking dialogue among industry, national sports organizations, the DoD and other Federal Agencies, innovators, scientists, clinicians -and the Veterans and caregivers they serve.


POLITICO Outside, In is a series of conversations with innovators on how to transform processes and policies to solve complex problems as they relate to government and the private sector. The conversations – covering topics like the promise of wearable technology and aging in a tech world – are convened by Philips in partnership with POLITICO.

The AgingWell Hub (AWH) is an open innovation research and development initiative aimed at delivering connected solutions for aging well. AWH will identify new technologies, products and services, as well as provide ideas, insights and data in collaboration with older adults, caregivers, healthcare systems, payers, policy makers, corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, academia and non-profits.

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1 Several articles point to increased access for patients. For example, Telemedicine and e-Health. May 2012, 18(4): A-1-A-146. doi:10.1089/tmj.2012.9994. Accessed 15-Dec-15. Another example, “Survey: Telehealth Increases Access to Care, Continuity” Accessed 15-Dec-15

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