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102cm/40" class LCD TV Pixel Precise HD


102cm/40" class, Full HD 1080p, digital TV 40PFL5706/F7 Find similar products


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  • 2012-02-13

    The 40PFL5706 is one of the high-end models launched by Philips without including the 3D technology support. It comes most of the features offered by similar 40-inch LCD HDTV sets available in the market. Along with an improved 1080p HD resolution, the...

    Conclusion : However, the Wi-Fi MediaConnect feature offered by the model requires you to use additional hardware to stream the web content in a much faster and smooth manner. But the feature allows users to stream the content stored on their computers without......

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  • 2012-02-14

    The model is launched by Philips to target the growing demand for non-3D 55-inch TV sets. It is also one of the most inexpensive 55-inch models available in the market that offers both wired and wireless networking options to access internet. A user...

    Conclusion : Philips has further included the Wi-Fi MediaConnect feature to use the TV set as your desktop computer monitor to stream the content stored on the PC without using any additional hardware. The Wi-Fi Net TV feature also allows you to access the Facebook......

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  • 2012-07-21

    Despite the drawbacks in its image quality, the Philips 55PFL5706 is one of the best LCD TVs in terms of its unique internet integration. If you're not picky about color settings, chances are you will love this LCD TV's rounded appearance,...

    • This LCD TV is full of little features such as built-in Wi-Fi and MediaConnect that allow you to sync it with laptop computers over a wireless network
    • Limited color-adjustment options will leave you stranded if you don't like the default color settings

    Conclusion : If you are budget conscious or if the MediaConnect feature appeals to you, this LCD TV is worth your consideration....

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  • 2012-07-31

    A good smart TV for less.

    • A superb viewing angle for an LCD TV.; Philips' smart platform, Net TV, is not bad and shows a lot of promise
    • This TV uses a lot of power.; While it looks nice, the remote is not very responsive

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