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  • Capture and share good times in HD

    HD camcorder

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    The pocket-sized Philips camcorder captures videos with the touch of a button! Relive magical moments in HD by sharing them on TV or online. An integrated USB connector links the camcorder with your PC/ Mac fuss-free.


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Capture and share good times in HD

instantaneously and effortlessly

  • One-touch operation for instant capturing of great moments

    Never miss another marvelous moment again. With the Philips camcorder’s fast start-up time, you can start shooting away instantaneously. Thanks to several advanced features, like fast processor speed and dedicated signal processing, it takes only two seconds to start up the Philips camcorder. The buttons are designed with simplicity in mind, so all you have to do is press one button to start filming in high definition. The Philips camcorder keeps you ever ready to capture surprising events without missing a beat.

  • Film videos in crystal clear High Definition (720p)

    Capture videos in high definition (720p), and enjoy them in the same quality as HD TV broadcasts. “720” refers to the display resolution, the number of horizontal lines onscreen. “p” stands for progressive scan, or the sequential appearance of the lines in each frame. 720p gives video quality that is superior to that found in typical mobile phones and digital cameras. In addition, the Philips camcorder uses the same video format as Blu-ray Disc players and discs – H.264. This highly sophisticated format delivers superb HD picture quality, letting you savor crystal clear memories on video.

  • Quick sharing for emailing and posting on Facebook/YouTube

    With the built-in Windows software, you can post your movies on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo with no fuss. For Mac users, you can easily organize, edit and share with iMovie from iLife. With an advanced compression technique, the HD video format (H.264) used by the Philips camcorder can generate smaller files than those from standard camcorders, digital cameras and mobile phones without any loss in video quality, so you can share them faster! These files can also be used by other programs like iPhoto and Windows Movie Maker.

  • Superb low-light performance for night and indoor recording

    Whether indoors or out, in the evenings or in broad daylight, the Philips camcorder lets you take great videos and photos. With most other camcorders, digital cameras and mobile phones, shooting indoors and at night gives you images that are poor in quality. Not with the Philips camcorder. Its outstanding sensor, lens and processor work together to bring you superior performance in low light conditions – letting you shoot away, anytime, without flash or extra lighting.

  • Wide angle lens to capture more in videos and photos

    The Philips camcorder has a 37 mm wide angle lens, providing you with a substantially larger field of view so you can capture more of what you are filming. Get all your friends into your photos and videos, even if they are standing side by side. Where only three people can be included with standard pocket camcorders and mobile phones, the Philips camcorder will include four. Capture everything on your photos and videos, and get more into your shots today.

  • Micro SD card slot for up to 32 GB of 16-hour HD videos

    Now you can shoot as much as you want with the Philips camcorder’s micro SD card slot. Small in size, but large in storage capacity, micro SD cards safely store all your videos and photographs. Its diminutive size also means that packing a few more to carry along is no trouble at all. The card slot on the camcorder convenient takes all universal micro SD cards, letting you expand the memory up to 32 GB, which provides for 16 hours of video in HD. Go on and click away.

  • Direct TV connection via HDMI for viewing your videos in HD

  • Integrated USB plug for no-fuss connection to your PC/Mac

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