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    We're great for music, voice and soundtrack! Just connect us to your notebook or MP3 player and we'll bring your music and sounds to life for a great listening experience. Handy cable management means you can have a tidy desk surface too!

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    Product features

    • 10W sound output power

      Rich bass radiators with 10W output enable small speakers to reproduce bass frequencies more effectively without having to increase their size. So better bass with less space!

    • Cable length can be variable

      Easy cable management helps organize messy cables so you can have a tidy desk, and the cable length is adjustable to suit your needs.

    • Enjoy music, games, movies and online videos

      The perfect accompaniment for your notebook and netbook, so you can play multimedia music and videos with great sound quality.

    • Green product

      Certified by Royal Philips Electronics as Green Product. Green Product means performance of device is at least 10% better than main competitors on selected sustainability issues (e.g. energy efficiency, product weight, lifecycle management, etc.).

    • Crisp and clear vocals

      Enjoy crisp, clear vocals reproduction

    • Rich bass

      This Philips PC speaker provides good sound quality with a rich bass experience from a loudspeaker box system.

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