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FULL Compatibility

8-in-1 consolidation remote control with advanced functionality for your HD, Home Theater and Full LED backlighting.

Product features

  • Simple steps to setup your remote

    Simple steps to setup your remote:1. Insert batteries 2. Enter codes 3. Enjoy!

  • LED illumination of all keys for ease of use

    LED illumination of all keys allows you easy operate your remote control even in the dark.

  • Specifically designed for use with Home Thearter devices

    This remote includes all the standard buttons to operate your Home Theater devices, along with +/-, AM/FM, CD, DVD, DVR, Mode, ON/OFF, SAT/Cable, Tape, Tuner, TV, Video buttons.

  • Memorize setup codes even when changing batteries

    When you finish entering codes to set up your remote, these codes will be saved automatically, so you will not loose your data even when you replace the batteries.

  • Keep updated for future devices via integrated learning keys

    Integrated learning keys allow you to copy and store any functionality from your original remote, simply by pointing and beaming.

  • Works with all your AV devices since 1990

    Universal remote control which works with all your AV devices from all brands since 1990.

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