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    Simply connect your Philips HDMI™ cable to the adapter and plug into a device with DisplayPort. All in 1080p high definition video.

    Product features

    • Optimized for HDTV

      High speed data transfer with minimal signal loss ensure you'll get the most out of HDTV.

    • Crafted with quality construction

      Quality construction uses only top grade materials to create products of extended durability.

    • Gold-plated connectors for better conductivity

      Gold-plated connectors provide better conductivity by lowering contact resistance. They also prevent connector deterioration through oxidation.

    • Minimum signal loss

      Signal information is inevitably lost going from any digital source to any TV. Minimum signal loss means you only lose the least amount of that signal information.

    • Corrosion-resistant connectors

      Compressed brass with 24K gold-electroplated connectors creates a secure and extremely durable connection that optimizes signal quality and delivers the best picture and data transfer.

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