IEC 60878 0089

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Ventilating fan; air-circulating fan

To identify the control which activates the fan and circulates air at a speed selected by the user. To indicate the operational status of the fan function

IEC 60878 1641

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Operator's manual; operating instructions

To identify the location where the operator's manual is stored or to identify information that relates to the operating instructions. To indicate that the operating instructions should be considered when operating the device or control close to where the symbol is placed. In the case of application as a safety sign the rules according to ISO 3864-1 shall be adhered to

Note 1 – On medical electrical equipment: "Consult instructions for use". See also safety sign ISO 7010-M002"Refer to instruction manual/booklet".

Note 2 – This symbol should be used in the orientation shown.

ISO 7000-2024

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Clear screen

To identify the control for removing the visual representation displayed on the screen

ISO 7000-2026

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To identify the control to request information about objects or functions

RTCA/DO-160G section 21, category M

airplane use symbol

For airline use

ISO 7000-3500

3500 symbol

Electronic instructions for use

To indicate on product or product packaging that relevant information for use of the product is available in electronic form rather than, or in addition to, printed paper form.

ISO 15223-1 5.7.10

udi symbol

Unique device identifier

Indicates the Unique Device Identifier information

ISO 15223-1 5.7.7

md symbol

Medical device

Indicates the item is a medical device

ISO 7000-3707

iso 7000 3707

Single sterile barrier system

Not applicable

ISO 7000-3708

iso 7000 3708

Single sterile barrier system with protective packaging inside

Not applicable

ISO 7000-3709

iso 7000 3709

Single sterile barrier system with protective packaging outside

Not applicable

ISO 7000-0434A

ISO 7000-0434A


Not applicable

IEC 60417-6049

IEC 60417 6049

Country of manufacture

Not applicable

Not applicable

ukca image

UK Conformity Assessed marking

Not applicable

ISO 20417, 6.1.2 d)

ISO 15223-1 5.1.2

ch rep

Authorized representative in Switzerland

Not applicable

REGULATION (EU) 2017/745, Annex V



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European Conformity certification

Not applicable

ISO 15223-1 5.1.2

ec rep

Authorized representativein the European Community/European Union

Not applicable

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