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Philips Fidelio-Created for excellence

Philips Fidelio is an obsession with sound realized through precise audio engineering and expressed with considered, innovative design. Philip’s heritage of over 50 years in acoustic innovation has inspired Fidelio, the next generation of seamless audio born from an uncompromising approach to sound.

Philips Fidelio home audio

Philips Fidelio Home Audio

Music is the pulse of life. It’s the beat that flows through each and every day. Whatever your taste and musical preference, Philips has an audio solution for you to listen to the music you love. With wireless speakers streaming over Bluetooth or AirPlay technology, you can stream music from smart devices quickly and easily – never sacrificing quality. Philips Fidelio Home Audio brings sound to spaces so you can lose yourself in a universe of music.

Philips Fidelio home cinema sound system

Philips Fidelio Home Cinema Sound

When it comes to Philips Fidelio Home Cinema Sound Systems, every detail matters. Philips Fidelio has redefined the entertainment experience by seamlessly integrating innovative connectivity functions, superior sound profiles and sophisticated product design. The result is mastered, multidimensional audio - so movie sound can be experienced exactly as it was intended

Philips Fidelio Headphones

Philips Fidelio Headphones

We are obsessed with delivering superior sound - anywhere, anytime. Philips Fidelio headphones are the products of uncompromised acoustic engineering and a commitment to exacting standards in both audio and ergonomic performance. We continually work to refine and innovate our product, integrating your preferences and experiences into our signature of Fidelio headphones designs.

Philips Fidelio-Industry recognition

Awards and recognitions our products received

T3 Awards 2014-Philips Fidelio S2 Earphones

Philips Fidelio S2 Earphones

T3 Awards 2014: Headphones of the year

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014-Philips Fidelio M2BT Bluetooth headphones

Philips Fidelio M2BT Bluetooth headphones

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014: Best wireless headphones

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014-Philips Fidelio M1MKII on-ear headphones

Philips Fidelio M1MKII on-ear headphones

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014: Best portable on-ear headphones £100- £200

Philips Fidelio-Uncompromised sound

Philips Fidelio listeners are devoted to sound. They listen to music, are film enthusiasts, and audio perfectionists. In every aspect of their lifestyle, they deserve superior sound. They don’t compromise on precision and neither do we.

Sound on your terms


Sound is our passion and our obsession. It’s this obsession that drives the continuous innovation and acoustic engineering that defines the Philips Fidelio range. For our listeners, their relationship with sound is on their terms, it’s exactly how they want it and is never compromised.


Contemporary design Philips Fidelio

Every natural detail

Engineered by professionals, tuned by experts. Philips Fidelio sound is designed by people, for people. At the heart of our acoustic engineering is our Golden Ears. They are the audio perfectionists, expertly trained to detect the most subtle nuances in sound in order to capture, isolate and reproduce every natural detail. It’s this human touch which gives Philips Fidelio its superior sound clarity and warmth.

Philips Fidelio designed for people who love music

Philips Fidelio is Engineered for sound, designed for life

Philips Fidelio delivers high-fidelity audio, just as the artist intended. Seamlessly enhance your experiences with the highest standards of dynamic audio - whether that’s in your home or on the go, it's sound that's perfectly integrated into your lifestyle.
Enjoy your music with Philips Fidelio

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Philips Fidelio-Form follows function

Our Fidelio philosophy for design is simple – form follows function. Design requires consideration and insight. Philips Fidelio designs are always mindful of listeners, environment and preference to ensure the delivery of superior sound in absolute comfort.

Fidelio Precision engineering meets refined craftsmanship


From acoustics to product design – true quality requires consistency. The meaningful innovations and mindful designs of Philips Fidelio are a collaboration where precision engineering meets distinctive form.


Craftsman designs Philips Fidelio with precision technology

High quality material


Every material used has been carefully selected and crafted together to enhance Fidelio sound quality and to fit your lifestyle.

Mindful design Philips Fidelio
Philips Fidelio

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Philips Fidelio-Connected audio

True innovation arises from challenges and dilemmas, such as combining new technology with superior audio. Staying true to natural sound reproduction remains at the heart of all of Philips Fidelio’s audio innovation.

Superior wireless sound


Today, we have combined our commitment to high-fidelity sound with a world of connectivity opportunities and have risen to the challenge of delivering seamless lifestyle audio.


seamless lifestyle Philips Fidelio audio

Seamless connectivity


Philips Fidelio’s dynamic acoustics, combined with seamless audio system designs, bring the freedom of superior sound into your lifestyle. From home audio sound systems and home cinema sound to Bluetooth headphones and NFC features, we innovate where it matters to simplify and enhance your audio experience to listen to music anywhere and anytime.

Philips Fidelio’s dynamic acoustics
Philips Fidelio features Bluetooth and NFC

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