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    How many digital pictures are hidden on your PC? See, share, organize and relive your memories with Philips PhotoFrame™, the easiest way to display your digital photos in stunning quality - without a PC. See all benefits

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Share your memories

  • 4:3 aspect ratio for optimal distortion-free display

    Philips digital PhotoFrame ensures your photo to be displayed in 4:3 ratio for the best viewing experience.

  • Add new glow to old memories with RadiantColor

    RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a less-than-full-screen photo to the sides of the screen, eliminating black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

  • Auto photo orientation to fit portrait or landscape modes

    Automatic landscape/portrait recognition employs a sensor that recognizes PhotoFrame orientation and displays each photo in its proper mode.

  • Create albums, slideshows and manage your photos

    Smart Album allows you to create and manage albums, as well as to set up and adjust transition effects to your photo slideshows.

  • Have fun with Collage Pro: automatically or edit by yourself

    Remember the fun you had working with your photos in the past - such as cutting them and creating nice collections! Collage Pro is a unique and advanced feature provided by Philips digital PhotoFrame. Just like on other Philips digital PhotoFrames with Collage function, you can run collage slideshows automatically (random view). With Collage Pro, you can also edit and create collages by yourself. You can also easily create a collage even from multiples sources such as an SD card or USB pen drive.

  • imagen Pro for sharp, vibrant and natural skin colors

    The unique Philips imagen enhancement technology automatically analyzes your photos to correct color and adjust for optimal contrast. imagen Pro is a more advanced image enhancement which includes the 3 essential elements from imagen to have more color accuracy, color depth and smart contrast. On top of these, imagen Pro offers enhanced skin color, sharper images and flicker-free photo viewing which is very important for still pictures.

  • Real brushed aluminium metal front - designed for your home

    There are plenty of digital photo frames in the market with ugly, gadget typ designs. They won't fit my home interior at all. Now, Philips comes with a PhotoFrame with a real brushed aluminium metal front with a fine hair line texture which perfectly fits the simple and clean rear cover design. It not also suits your home decor but brightens up any room!

  • An additional SD card slot for unlimited memories

    Your Philips PhotoFrame comes with an additional SD card slot enabling you to expand the storage space on your PhotoFrame offering plenty of space for all your memories - it's like having virtually unlimited space for your memories and photos! Also thanks to the Philips Memory card manager, you can easily copy and paste images between all your various types of memory cards.

  • Power saving via auto dimming by detecting ambient lighting

    Smart Power Pro is a sensor that turns PhotoFrame on and off by detecting ambient lighting condition reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment saving up to one third of your PhotoFrame energy costs. The best news is that this is all done automatically!

  • An easy drag and drop PC software to transfer your photos

    You can easily connect your Philips PhotoFrame to your computer via a USB cable. The PhotoFrame Manager is a simple to use drag and drop software tool that allows you to simply drag your photos from your computer to your PhotoFrame - it's really that simple! On top of this, the software enables simple editing like zoom and crop. You can even preview what you have edited before transferring to your PhotoFrame.

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