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    Vibrating alarm clock

    Rise to wonderful mornings with this slim Philips Alarm clock. It features both vibration and buzzer alarms, so you can start your day your way. Attach it to your pillow with the clip or use the kickstand to display it on a bedside table. See all benefits

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Vibrating alarm clock

  • Low battery indicator keeping you informed of power level

    Low battery indicator keeping you informed of power level

    The low battery indicator lights up when the power is low.

  • Repeat alarm for additional snooze

    Repeat alarm for additional snooze

    To counter oversleeping, the Philips Clock radio has a snooze feature. Should the alarm ring and you wish to continue sleeping a bit longer, simply press the Repeat Alarm button once and go back to sleep. Nine minutes later the alarm will ring again. You can continue to press the Repeat Alarm button every nine minutes until you turn off the alarm altogether.

  • Built-in vibration alarm for private and gentle wake-up

    Wake up soothingly to gentle vibrations with this feature. Simply slide the alarm type button to vibration mode, and at the preset time, vibrations will be emitted to wake you. The pulses are localized so that it wakes you and not your partner. Since how easily a person wakes up varies, two levels of vibrations are available. However, even at the higher level, the clock sends vibrations only to you and not your partner. Heavy sleepers can choose to have a buzzer sound as a backup alarm, ensuring they start their day on time.

  • Convenient clip for attachment to pillow

    Go to sleep with peace of mind. This Philips Alarm clock comes with an optional clip that lets you attach it to your pillowcase conveniently. This ensures the clock is easy to find, and doesn’t fall off the bed during the night or when it starts to vibrate. If you prefer, you can replace the clip provided with your very own lanyard. Simply string your lanyard through the hole on the clock.

  • Slim and level design for under- pillow placement comfort

    Designed to lie under the pillow, this alarm clock is not only ultra slim, it is made with no sharp corners or extrusions. Buttons lay flushed with the surface and the kickstand folds away neatly and securely to become part of the rear cabinet. With this clock under your pillow, you will hardly know it is there, and can go on enjoying the comfort of being in bed.

  • Kick stand for flexible placement on table tops

    Giving you great flexibility of use, this clock comes with an integrated kickstand. When placed on a tabletop, the clock inclines slightly for a sturdy stance and to provide the best viewing angle. A finger grip on the kickstand allows it to be flipped out for use easily. Rubberized feet ensure that the clock stands firmly without slipping. The stand folds neatly back into place to become flushed with the clock’s back casing, letting you use the clock under the pillow in an instant.

  • Use a buzzer as a backup alarm

    Besides vibration mode, a buzzer is also available with this clock, letting you pick and choose how you want to wake up. You can decide to use only the buzzer, only vibrations, or both. Heavier sleepers will find peace of mind in choosing both the buzzer and vibrations.

  • Gentle shakes for a pleasant wake up experience

    Wake up naturally with Philips. This clock sends vibrations to wake you, starting from the gentlest ones, which gradually increase in intensity. The tiny oscillations allow you to wake up naturally, without the jarring sound of an alarm. A natural awakening also means you feel more energized, and all ready to start a brilliant new day.

  • Battery operated for easy positioning and portability

    Convienient battery operation on two AA batteries for optimum portability and positioning.

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